Tuesday, February 01, 2011

New LOOK and New ME for a NEW YEAR!

Hello 2011!!! I started this year with a new look! I pondered on what kind of hair style should i have? should i retain my hair style, or should i rebond it again or a new haircut or should I have it permed? Our eldest sister was always urging me to have it permed. So I took the plunge and have it done. I just went to a parlor shop and asked to have it permed without thinking about it for too many times! I might chicken out so i just decided to have it done and if i don't like it I can just wait for a few months and have it cut. I only have half of my hair permed not the whole lenght.

It took me one and a half hour in the parlor and it was ok for me. My elder sis and younger sister we're laughing at me. They started calling me LOT short for KULOT ( means curly in english). And my nephew said "It's stinky in here! What's that smell?" I was still smelling like the perming solutions that they put on my hair. It was still very strong so my nephew was overwhelmed by the smell. (hehe). But before he went home he told me that I look like a witch! hahaha. I just laughed at him. Well the witches that he saw have all curly hair so i don't blame him.

So here I am now. A culry Imp! I loved it! It's a new me in a  new year. I think I need to be impulsive. So this year, I promise you're all going to see a new ME and I'll be impulsive more often! =)