Thursday, May 12, 2011

A rude JB

I’ve been browsing through the internet and stumbled upon a YouTube video clip titled, Justin Bieber, How arrogant Can you Be, posted and uploaded by V7 Andrea, the video clip has a running time of 19 seconds where it shows the young Canadian singer getting inside the plane and her Father (a male employee from NAIA, in neon green vest), tried to get his autograph for her younger sister. JB tapped her Father’s hand and the CD fell on the floor. Nobody from his crew helped him and JB did not even apologize for it.   
V7Andrea posted, “Where are your manners now kiddo? I know you're sick but you could've at least said sorry you are not signing anything. How could you do that to my father?" The clip was taken from a mobile phone.

I have not watched the news but it was reported that Kabayan Noli de Castro criticized JB’s rude treatment to the employee and half of his fans are outrage by what he did, but the other half defended the young superstar (according to reports that JB is not feeling well even during his concert) and got angry with the male employee, they said that the employee's not in the right place to get JB's autograph, he as an amployee of NAIA should not have done that while he is on duty and in doing so he overstepped his professional boundaries at that time.  
After I watched the video I felt sorry for the employee for the rude treatment he got from JB and thought that he should not have done that. Yes, he’s not feeling well but what he did was uncalled for. He should have just said that he can’t sign anything now and apologize. His young fans are looking up to him so he should show good manners. Majority of his fans are teenagers and if he continues to be rude to his elders his fans might follow him and just think that manners do not matter at all.

On the Father's side, I can't really blame him for taking this opportunity to get his authograph for his daughter. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity (and I would have done it too for my niece and nephew) so he took his chance and did it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Heimlich Maneuver

How to do Heimlich Maneuver

We usually do heimlich maneuver to someone who is choking. Signs of choking would be: the person is clutching their throat with both hands and has difficulty breathing. Here's the step on how we should do Heimlich Maneuver:

1. Ask the victim "Are you choking?" I know, you have this feeling to do "the good samaritan move" but it would be embarrassing if you'll start doing the maneuver and the person does not need it.
2. If the victim is coughing and talking let him/her expel the foreign object on their own efforts.
3. If the victim displays a weak or ineffective cough it would indicate that air exchange is minimal, then you can start the HM
4.Ask the victim to stand if he/she is sitting
5. Stand slightly behind the victim
6. Tell the victim that you know HM and will help him/her
7. Place your arms around the victims waist
8. Make a fist with one hand and place your thumb toward the victim, just above his or her belly button, then grab fist with your other hand
9. Deliver five upward squeeze-thrusts into the abdomen.
**Make each squeeze-thrust strong enough to dislodge a foreign body. Understand that your thrusts make the diaphragm move air out of the victim's lungs, creating a kind of artificial cough.
**Keep a firm grip on the victim, since he or she can lose consciousness and fall to the ground if the Heimlich maneuver is not effective.
10. Repeat the Heimlich maneuver until the foreign body is expelled
11. If choking persists, call the hospital immediately, or go to the nearest emergency room in your area.
*note that this is not meant for neonates

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Allergy Attack!

A few days ago I ate a chicken and then I had some egg sandwich for 4days straight. I was the one who made it. My sister bought a lot of eggs and I suddenly wanted to make some egg sandwich so I made some. But I was the only one who ate it. They did not noticed, that I made some and I was thinking all along that they did not like it. I can’t blame them, there are times that when I cooked food and they would asked me what are the ingredients that I used (I love to experiment with food and when I am in a mood I’ll whip up something and made them it! Those poor things! Hahaha). But I am telling you guys, if a frustrated “chef’s” cooked food is not touched or eaten it’s very hurtful to our pride. But it turn out that they just did not know that I made some, so I am okey now. But due to my eating chicken and a lot of eggs I am itching all over! I am allergic to chicken, shrimp and crab (and all of those are very yummy! I am way so jealous of those people who do not have any allergy with those foods like me. Life is so unfair!).

I can eat chicken but I limit it for twice a month, if I eat for two consecutive days I’ll have some chicken skin on my knees, ears, neck and back and it itches.
I remember one friend giving me this pitying look upon learning that I have allergies with those foods, and he said, “I pity you! Those are great foods and can be cooked in different varieties and when you’re eating them such bliss, especially the crabs and shrimps! Ah! I know already! Why did he have to say it? So, I’ll just enjoy beef and pork. L

Prayers works!

Prayer really works! God answered my prayer by giving us rain. I am very happy by it because the air is cool and no more, hot humid air for now. We’re having monsoon rains due to the tropical storm Bebeng.
My Elder sister called me on my mobile phone and told me that they have no electricity and Albay is on signal number two and we must get ready for it, NCR might also be affected, but later in the evening, PAGASA assured the viewers that NCR is unlikely to be hit by the storm. Bebeng, the second typhoon this year, was described to be a “slow-moving” typhoon, and this means that it would hover inland longer.  Bebeng is expected to hit Isabela and Aurora tomorrow morning and leave the country on Tuesday morning.
I prayed for rain but I certainly did not wish a storm. Storms brought floods but it can also help us. Water levels of our Hydro Electric Dams are running low and rain could help us fill it up. Some parts in the Metro have their rotational water supply, some parts don’t even have water supply for days. With having a hot weather for days, rains even if it’s a monsoon rain we’re still thankful for it. For those who had their water supply cut they must have been thinking that maybe rotational water cut off would not happen for awhile and the rain would be plenty enough to fill the dam.
On my previous post, I wrote that I would research how to do a dance rain for us to have a break with this HOT summer we are experiencing. But I did not do anything, I did not do rain dance (maybe somebody did it? Hahaha). I just prayed to god and he answered it.
Signing off. See you tomorrow! Visit moi again J