Friday, May 20, 2011

sick :(

Yesterday my younger sis, cousin and I went to visit our cousin in a hotel/dorm where she is staying. She is doing her nursing duties affiliation in different hospitals here in NCR. We ate dinner outside and asked her how she is and how she's been doing, how's our other cousin in the province and so on. Then, suddenly... it rained! I've been wishing for rain here since I've always been ranting that it's too hot and can't stand the heat anymore. Well, it DID rain that night BUT I DON"T HAVE ANY UMBRELLA.
Luckily, my younger sister's BF had one and they let me borrowed my sister's umbrella but I have no idea how I got my head wet?!?

When we we're in HS, before going out we'll always be reminded to bring our umbrella just in case it would rain we would be ready. Now I am not used being reminded so I forgot to bring one :(

I don't know How I got sick..

It always started with an itchy I gargle with bactidol

But...then..I have a runny nose and kept on sneezing...

then now I am have a cough

Maybe the reasons why are:

changing of weather? too hot then cold atmosphere

"naambunan"? naulanan? hehe

so, I am here eating a hot soup, drinking meds and lots of water
Eventhough I have a cough, I urge myself to clean the house since our Aunt would be coming tomorrow (she's super "matikolosa", so I had to clean, clean, clean) I am sorry if I wasn't able to visit your blog and adgitize early today ... and for those I had missed sorry!

for now have to sleep, because (100% sure) I'll be dragged to the mall/s tomorrow by my aunt

signing off

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Is Lady Gaga going Gaga?!?

My nephew's a fan of MYX channel and his day is not complete if he didn't get to watch MYX Daily top 10. I was shocked when Lady Gaga's new song Judas was shown. After watching it, as a Roman Catholic it made me wonder what's going on Gaga's mind to do such music video?! As usual she's grinding in a bra and panty while dancing and she has a cross dangling on her boobs! And what’s worst is that one of the men (the one in the motorcycle where she hitch a ride on) has crown with thorns! Is she making the church mad at her?

I don’t have anything against her. I love some of her songs but I think she should think of her younger audience. The youngster would always imitate their idols and I think it’s not appropriate to do such thing that is almost blasphemous to the Christians.

If she wants to express herself through her song I think there are better ways to express it in her music videos. I think it would be more stunning if she shows her music prowess without getting the ire of the church.

or maybe she knows exactly what she's doing? Maybe she wants more attention from the public and does this kind of thing? Didn't she learned from her alejandro's Music video? The church criticize her that time, and what happened now? why do it again?

For whatever reasons why she did this video I hope that she would redo this music video without involving some religious figure that we have, and please don't include some religious things that would be blasphemous from the christians point of view.

PNOY has a new date

I don't know why but everytime that there's a news about the president's dating, it did not sit well with me! I think it's just so wrong to make it news worthy to the citizen. Who cares who's he dating now?!? We want to hear if he's doing a good job and what's our economy's status.

I know he's like us, a human who needs to enjoy life, but then again he is no ordinary being like us, he is the President of the Philippines, and besides he did say that as long as he is in the position he won't get married! Maybe he should date more discreetly? It's his personal life so would all the TV networks stop showing his dating stat to the public. I would rather watch the debate in the senate and the house debate/ deliberation (on RH bill) than listening to some crap about his dating.  

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ice Cream Invasion

With this smelting heat we are having we we’re able to eat all new Selecta Hersey's ice cream collection. I admit that advertisements can pull consumers to buy their products and with this hot summer we are having, one would opt to buy ice cream to cool oneself.

Check this ad, and with this kind of weather we are in, one would just have to eat ice cream and before you know it you have bought all the flavors. J
I like the Reese’s and kisses hersey's flavor. Try it guys! It’s super delicious J

Happy to serve SM mall crew

I am very satisfied with the way the employees of SM in Harizon plaza and in Ayala, treat their customers. I was with my sister and my nephew, who has autism, was with us and we were looking for a pants and shirt that would suit him. When we are out and shopping, sometimes it would be a challenge for us, because if he saw some people who have gadgets that he likes he would grab them and some people to this day in our country are not aware that they should be more understanding with special children. There was this one time that he grabbed another child’s PSP and the mother glared at us as if we’re a thief! Big television networks should have some ads that would “educate” these types of people. And there was this other incident that He just dipped his hands in a ladies pocket (I think he saw her putting her phone there) and she looked surprised and annoyed at us. What I did with those incidents was apologized. But I am straying away with our topic ( I am just frustrated with other people who does not understand that they should be more patient and understanding with people who has this kind of thing). As I was saying we went to SM and what my nephew and I did was to sit on a bench and let my sister browse through the items and select what she seems suited for my nephew. What really warms my heart is that the sales ladies and sales man there would bring some items that we request and they did it smiling and accommodating. We end up buying one pair of pants and one pair of shirt and we are going to come back there again.

Happy to serve, indeed! J