Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to unsubscribe to Binbit?

I didn't know that binbit is such a leech that would eat your load balance per day! I just shrug it off whenever I received a text message from binbit, whenever I load my mobile phone I usually received a message from bitbit, stating that I have I earned 2 credits and will be receiving a link to download contents. I just thought that it must be free. Then I found out that it's eating my load because when I tried to call or forward a load to my other phone I have insufficient balance and it just made me wonder that how come I suddenly have no balance when I just loaded and BOOM! It hit me that the culprit is binbit!!! 

I found out that a lot of people from many countries has been victimized by the binbit scam.

This fake service will first lure you to to convert your ordinary mobile phone into an xray scanner, or if you play a game on some website then asked for your mobile number to get your score. User will unsuspectingly enter their mobile phone number out of curiosity, saying that they just want to try it since entering your mobile phone number is free.

And we gullible user/subscriber will enter their mobile number just to see what will happen out of curiosity. It's free anyway!

Well, that's what we thought at first. Until our load is deducted with 10 pesos per day, yes, ten pesos!!!

This scam has been become popular on many countries, and our country Philippines is one of the place where this crime is happening.

How to unsubscribe from binbit here in the Philippines?

Just type STOP BIN then send to 2474. (Smart, TM, SUN and Globe)

*you must have atleast PHP 10.00 or below 10 to unsubscribe from binbit

*after sending it you would received a message  "You are no longer subscribed to the CLUB BINBIT subscription service. This message is free. To subscribe again, text ON BIN to 2474 P10/day."

*This method is for the Philippines only. If you didn't succeed the first time, just repeat until you receive a confirmation which usually takes up to 24 hours.

*If you happen to know how to unsubscribe to your own country, kindly share on the comment below.

They have this website but it offers no help at all, it's a total useless! Here's what they said when you are on their final Unsubscribe page:

How do I unsubscribe?

Even if incoming messages (texts) are erased from your mobile phone, the service will continue to be active and therefore the messages will be charged to you; should you want to unsubscribe this service, you must send an SMS with the STOP keyword to the same number you joined the service.

Do not hesitate to contact us during your subscription’s validity. We will gladly assist you.

That is so darn useless guys! Just follow the method that I did! Lesson learned from today, "Never ever give your mobile phone number to website or games on the net!" Don't be gullible like me! :) Think before you click! :)