Thursday, June 30, 2011

Transformers Dark of the Moon

The movie was GREAT! had a blast watching it! :)

Watching Sam Whitwicky, Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots saving mankind from the Decepticons (and their plan to take over our planet) was so exciting that made me hanged on at the edge of my seat :)

When we are talking transformers the first thing that comes into our mind is Optimus Prime. He may be serious but theirs also a funny side of him in the movie. I love him for being noble and fighting for what is right :) and of course, I love Bumblebee! He is the loyal companion of Sam and even if he is a robot he is full of heart and compassion :) Remember in the first movie? his legs got blown up while saving Sam, that was a tear jerker!

I am not going to post or tell you what happen in the movie. Watch it peepz! I am not going to spoil it for you :)

Two thumbs up for the movie :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Can't hardly wait

Just one more day and Transformers: Dark of the Moon would be shown at our cinema's. I am so excited to know what would happen in the movie :)

Vargas invited to US Senate hearing on Dream Act

New York, NY -Award-winning Filipino journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, who recently admitted that he is undocumented, has been invited to a U.S. Senate hearing tomorrow on the Dream Act that would give undocumented students in America a path to legal status.

In an interview with Balitang America, Vargas would not say whether he would testify tomorrow before the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

Preliminary reports say that Democratic Senator Robert Mendez of New Jersey may be championing his cause and may become his ally in their common fight for the Dream Act to pass.

Sources in the legislature say proponents of the Dream Act are in talks with Vargas, who has said that he wants to be the face and voice of the undocumented in America.

The Dream Act would allow undocumented students who came to the US as minors to become US citizens if they reach certain educational attainments or serve the military.

"I don't think a story about immigration has gotten this kind of play, or this kind of discussion. I will make sure that it doesn't fail, I've gotten this far, I'm not about to give up everything now," Vargas told Balitang America.

Vargas has created an organization, Define American, to push for the passage of the comprehensive immigration reform.

Last week, Vargas wrote his own life story as an undocumented immigrant - published online by New York Times.

"People have told me that coming out like this and writing what I did was completely irrational, one lawyer said it was legal suicide to do this, I wanted to do it because the whole system is irrational," he said.
Reaction from the Filipino community has been mixed

"I've gotten a couple of emails from Filipinos who were like, 'Why are you coming out? This is so embarrassing for us.' You know the whole T.N.T. (tago ng tago) thing. But many, many more Filipinos have been so wonderful. Not just Filipinos, everybody," said Vargas.

Vargas admitted that he has played every possibly scenario in his head- including the possibility of deportation. But for now, he said that he is still steadfast in his resolve that he will be able to stay and be legalized in the US.


I admired his guts for going all out BUT I doubt his sincerity! If he is really remorseful of what his kin did then he should have come out a long time ago! He is only looking out for his own skin not the ones that are like him on the same boat! What will happen to other Filipino's that are also TNT (tago ng tago)? I pity them. They must be nervous that his confessions might backfire to them.

If He is not a journalist I really doubt that he would go out and confess if he is just a mere gasoline boy there in the US of A :)

If you really have some principles then GO HOME and live a life here! You're eyes would be open why your MOM send you there in the first place! A better life than a life living here!  If you're only aware of the struggles that Filipino's have! (his monthly pay would be equal to years of a regular employee being paid here!). I dare you to go home and live here! Then you'll know that your mom really loves you by sending you there, it's a wrong reason since they broke the law BUT A mother's love is really boundless! She must have shed a lot of tears being apart from you!

Mr. Vargas, we Filipino's are watching you! Please think of your other kababayans! Please think of some Filipino's that are struggling there. There are a lot of TNT's out there and THEY have a reason why they are there, to give LIFE to their own FAMILY :) And because of you NOW they must be on always on the look out that they might be deported anytime, all thanks to you for shooting off your mouth before thinking of the consequences that might happen not only to you but for others who are making a living.

Please you open a lot of can of worms with your confession! I hope that we all survive from it and live with the consequences. And beware, watch your back, some would really want to bury you alive for what you did.

Until now I still can't get over of what you did! What the heck were you thinking?!

KSP si P-Noy

P-Noy told the media to give him a break and give him some space on his dating but when he went to Naga City for the inauguration of the 200-megawatt coal-fired power plant built by the Korean Electric Power Corp. (Kepco), he quiped his admiration to radio and television host, Grace Lee, and made media and other observers wonder if the Korean-born Lee was the new apple of the President’s eye?

“I thought she’s Pinay, but she is Korean. Even the Koreans here are beautiful," Aquino said about the 28-year-old Lee during his speech for the inauguration.

He also admired for Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia for “looking even more beautiful every time I visit Cebu."

“Kailangan buhayin na ang MalacaƱang de Sugbu. Baka dito na rin tayo magkatuluyan (Perhaps we should revive the MalacaƱang in Sugbu, we may just find love here)," he said, referring to the official presidential residence in the Central Philippines which was restored and made popular by former President and now Pampanga Second District Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Only after Aquino’s speech and photo opportunities with Cebu and Kepco officials were Aquino and Lee introduced to each other.
Lee came to the Philippines when she was 10 and went on to study Communications in the Ateneo de Manila University, the same university where Aquino obtained his Economics degree in 1981.
Lee has been romantically linked with basketball star James Yap, the estranged-husband of Aquino’s younger sister, television and movie personality Kris Aquino.
However, the younger Aquino and Yap are in the midst of having their marriage annulled.

He is so like his sister Kris Aquino, it's as if he wants to be the talk of the town again. :))

I Hope that the president would stop eyeing ladies (who are way 20years younger than him! what does that make you? A pedophile?!) I know he is just being human, BUT he has tons of responsibilities to fulfill! Our economy is still suffering, more people being buried from POVERTY, people are still Jobless and more people are still going to sleep at night hungry because they can't afford to eat. Let's just STOP being SHOWBIZ because you are the highest ranking official in our country so please JUST DO YOUR JOB.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Aussie fan grabs Miley Cyrus during concert

An overeager Aussie admirer of Miley Cyrus rushed the stage and and managed to put her arm around Cyrus during a concert in Melbourne. The fan snuck onto stage from behind the 18-year-old as she was about to serenade the crowd with her hit single "The Climb."

A security guard quickly grabbed the intruder and pushed her off stage.

"Oh my God," a stunned Cyrus said into the microphone, as she was swiftly escorted off stage by a security guard.

Check out the video.

Who do you think Joe Jonas is apologizing for amongst his exes on his new song, "I am Sorry" ?

Joe Jonas says his new song, “I’m Sorry,” is about one of his relationships. Is he finally apologizing to Demi Lovato, or is it an ode to one of his other celebrity girlfriends?

“‘I’m Sorry’ is really honest,” Joe, told E! Online’s Marc Malkin June 16. “It’s saying, I screwed up. I didn’t cheat on the person, but just I messed up and I wanted the person back. I’m just putting it all on the table saying, ‘I’m sorry. I wish I could have you back.’”

Joe has famously fallen out of love just as quickly as he falls in. The notorious play boy says he’s about to apologize to one of his sweethearts in his new song, “I’m Sorry” — but will it be about the one girl he hurt the most?

Who do you think is it? Is it :

1. Taylor Swift--Joe and Taylor broke up in 2008, but things turned sour when Taylor claim Joe ended it with her — in a 27 second phone call! Joe claims he tried to reach out to her following this, but she did not take his calls. Maybe Taylor is finally ready to speak now! :)

2. Demi Lovato - The two were long time friends who started dating in early 2010 but broke up in May of that year. Things slowly began to spiral out of control when Joe began dating Ashley and brought her on tour with him , a tour Demi was also on! Demi, subsequently, suffered from a breakdown, quit the tour and shipped off to treatment in Chicago for “emotional and physical issues.” Although Joe didn’t technically do anything wrong, it’s widely presumed he played some role in Demi’s problems.

Of the two, I think he owes Demi Lovato an apology! He is so insensitive when he brought his current GF where he knows his ex was also in that tour!

Hopefully we’ll hear “I’m Sorry” soon! But regardless, it will be on Joe’s first solo album, which is set to drop Sept. 6.

Can't wait to hear it! and analyse who the song is for :)

Who would replace Cuddy???

It was all over the news that this would be Lisa Edelstein, last season in HOUSE!

Lisa Edelstein, the actress whose character has bickered with (and eventually hooked up with) Dr. House, will not be returning for the shows eighth (and likely final season). Instead, we just learned she'll be headed to 'The Good Wife.'

I was not really surprised that Cuddy and House eventually hooked up together. There is some chemistry there when they banter throughout from the very first season the series was aired. (I am not into Cameron-House ship so when they got together it was a happy moment for me since my hunch was right--smiling smugly here!)

and their break up is not also surprising there, since House has really some personal issues to settle :)

BUT why do they have to replace Cuddy? Who would replace her in making HOUSE question his moves and be his voice of reason? Wilson can't definitely control House :))

Who do you think can replace Cuddy, to be House Boss?