Thursday, July 07, 2011


After a few months of waiting we can finally watch the Finale of Harry Potter. I've read all books and been a fan after reading the first book! It's all thanks to our eldest since she bought the book for our youngest sibling and was told that the book is okay. I was hesitant because I thought it would be for kids and would not cater for young adults and boy was I wrong! After  reading the first chapter I did not put down the book until I finished the book and after that I along with the whole world that got hooked with the stories wait for each of the series to be released and it was also good that the book was incorporated in the movies.

Now, it's really the end of it. The Finale would be shown :( it just hit me that the story is really the end. I was hoping that J.K Rowling would write another story or a follow up story for Albus Potter. What do you think?

I was not that satisfied with the 6th and 7th books so I read some fan fiction and got to like some of the stories there. People have really a great imagination and wrote things that are at par with the author.

Okay, everyone. This is it. The video below, hosted by David Barron, producer of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, is of the final moments of the final day of shooting. You’re about to watch the whole thing end, and we are all going to cry. The footage doesn’t reveal anything about the movie or the story, so no spoilers. But it is a very emotional moment for the cast, crew, and pretty much anyone who watches this video. You’ve been warned!

These kids practically have grown on the set so they must be a big family and saying goodbye is the hardest. I almost BAWLED while watching these videos :( It's finally over >_<

With a great respect for the author and being a fan I simply have to watch the Finale ^_^

With a great respect for the author and being a fan I simply have to watch the Finale ^_^