Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hana Yori Dango Fever

It all started with the manga hana yori dango

.........then it was put into television more known as Meteor Garden

then televise again.............. in japanese version Hanayori dango

 then comes the korean version Boys Over flowers

the plot are all the same a poor girl bullied by a rich boy and the boy fell for the girl but she likes another and when they both love each other there would be some problems they would get into when the villain ( the mother of the rich boy) knew about their relationship.

All the main actors i loved them all! But Meteor garden 2 was dragging and they add other characters so watching it till the end was a pain. yes. It was painful watching it because the scenes were dragging! Amogst the four series the one that I watch season 1 and 2 and even the movie was the japanese version Hanayori Dango. It maybe because of Jun Matsumoto BUT the plot was okey! it was more than okey! It was great! I love the scene on season two when he propose to makino! waaah! it was way cool to do that! loved it!

MG1 was okey! You got me hooked there guys but season 2 was not okey! it was dragging!

BOF, korean version, was okey. Lee min ho is hot! The actors made me laugh and almost cry! so two thumbs up for you guys.

The manga may be finish but i hope the author would still write about the story of hanasawa rui, Sojirou Nishikado, and Akira Mimasaka.  *fingers crossed*

If you caught the bug may know what Iam talking about. ^_^


After months of wondering on who among the network here in phi would be able to buy  the rights for airing Secret Garden it was now known that GMA 7 would be the one. I was a bit tad disappointed. I was rooting for ABS-CBN to air it! K-dramas that are close to my hearts should have a good dubber. I don't know why but the dubbers in GMA I find them not ensynch with the characters of the k-drama. (the only k-drama that i watched in GMA was full house and kim sam soon because the voices/dubbed was okey and it was almost as if the actors are talking in filipino. and you can feel the dubbers voice bring out the characters in the story.

Maybe next week i'll watch SG in GMA and see if the dubbers are good.

SG's one of the best K-drama I watched ( this year! okey i'll put it on my MUST watch list since it's way too good and I love HYun bin!!! waaahhh!).  The story revolves around the arrogant heir to a large company, Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin), whose life takes a drastic change when he meets driven female stunt woman Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won). While Joo Won is drawn to the very different Ra Im, she cares more about pop star Oscar (Yoon Sang Hyun). Their story starts on their accidental meeting, when Joo Won mistakes Ra Im for actress Park Chae Rin, marks the beginning of a tense, bickering relationship, through which Joo Won tries to hide a growing attraction to Ra Im that both confuses and disturbs him. One day they went deep into the mountains and entered a strange house. A strange grandmother offered them medicinal/herbal drink. The next day they found themselves changing bodies.

.(i think theres a manga that a boy and a girl switch souls. I am still looking for it. I'll post it here if I found it).

SG has the action-fantasy-melodrama so it was all worth it to watch until the finale.

I recommend this k-drama guys! It's a MUST watch k-drama. On the beginning though you might have some doubts if it's really good but give it a chance! you'll get hooked in this drama *wink*. and there are some scenes that are way too funny. And did i mentioned that HYUN bin is on this drama? it's on the top of the list on why you should watch it! coz HYUN BIN is the main actor on the kdrama ^^,