Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I love it when it's raining because that would mean we'll get a break from a very scourging hot weather. Storms doesn't scare me that much since our country have been visited by lots of storm every year but yesterday I was scared. Typhoon Pedring or Typhoon Nesat made a very very lasting impression on moi.

The typhoon is different from the previous storms we had. It's not like Ondoy. Pedring may not have brought with him heavy rains but with a storm that is so windy fazed me. It made me worry of flying rooftops and  yes, it did happened! Our neighbor's rooftop was blown into our backyard. It almost made me go to our neighbor's tenant and tell them that part of their rooftop was in our backyard and tell them that they have been told to put stones on top of it but they did not it hence some part of it was flown into our lawn which is very dangerous at this time! (Our neighbor's house old house was demolished because they want to build a new house. So, for the mean time they have a caretaker watching over their land. And what scares me was that there was lots of debris that will get blown when the storm hit us. And what do you know? it did happened!) What if it hit something? Like our windows or worse one of us might be hit? But I restrain myself. I don't want to be bitchy at a time wherein weather is so bad.

With the storm and all, nothing would drive you crazy with kids that are bored! :))

My nephews, are a rowdy kind :) One whine that he's so bored and nothing to do while the other wants to watch his fave show but we have no cable and Internet connection! Thank God our electricity and water was not cut! :) To make them busy they played all day with their toys. While we adults just chat and sleep! :)

A Billboard was blown off during the storm along Buendia-Mayapis Highway.

Typhoon Pedring I think was just another wake up call for us to take care of our environment. We as steward  should start taking care of our environment, stop throwing garbage and start planting trees!