Friday, August 12, 2011

'Apes' strong opening brings talk of sequel

There haven't been any official conversations. But after the big "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" opening last weekend, the movie's writer/producers not only expect a sequel or two -- they are prepared for them.

Wow! Can't wait for it! I enjoyed the movie very much even if I were alone. My sibling were all into Captain America so I have to watch the Apes alone :) Watching it alone was weird. But had a blast watching it!

But the producers are not 100% sure if they will have a sequel they are still on the "wait and see" mode :)

But if ever they are working on a sequel that's good and if there won't be a sequel that's OK since I am satisfied with the movie. Sequels tend to be a disappointment and the first one would always give you the strongest impression and the sequels would have a harder time to beat that.

The only movie series that I like are: Toy Story (love them from 1-3)

Movies with sequels that I don't like: Cars (I am sorry but I was not satisfied with Cars 2), Hang Over (hang over 2 -- don't like it. seems like the same old joke been repeated again and again).

Zombie on the rise!

I've been tired of reading on werewolf and vampires already and surprisingly I got hooked by reading about zombies! Brian Keene's The Rising and City of the Dead really made me hang on and read the book. The plot had some humor on it but it was so intensely action packed so it made me hang on to it until the end of the story. Sadly all humans died in the end, I was hoping he'd make another book that made the humans the victor on that war.

Brad Pitt stars in  and is producing the thriller "World War Z" on December 21, Paramount studio announced Tuesday.

The movie is about a tough-guy United Nations employee, played by Pitt, who travels the world in an effort to stop a zombie pandemic that is destroying humanity

The ambitious script was written by Matthew Michael Carnahan ("State of Play"), who adapted it from Max Brooks' best-selling novel "World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War." Marc Forster is directing.

In addition to Pitt, the movie stars Mireille Enos ("The Killing"), James Badge Dale ("The Departed"), Matthew Fox ("Lost") and newcomer Daniella Kertesz.

Pitt is producing with Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner and Colin Wilson.

I have World war Z but it made me bored. The book was mostly the interviews done with the survivors, their experience when the outbreak occurs and so on. I am already halfway on it and I don't know if I'll continue reading it. It does not have a grip on my heart string to read the book thoroughly like what I did with The Rising and City of the Dead.

So, I am really glad that Pitt have this movie and I am really looking forward for it! Vampires and Werewolves are so yesterday! :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Well-wishes, jeers for ailing GMA

MANILA, Philippines – Netizens took to social networking site Facebook and microblogging site Twitter to express their reactions to former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's health condition.

Arroyo was scheduled to undergo revision surgery Wednesday morning at St. Luke’s Medical Center Taguig after the implant placed in her spine was dislodged.

However, the surgery was held off after doctors found an infection.
The news elicited mixed reactions on the Internet.

On Twitter, user weegkid tweeted: “Please pray for GMA...unsuccessful surgery daw...kawawa naman.”

Twitter user welmans14 said, “Hindi natin maalis sa isipan na baka binabalikan na siya sa mga nagawa niyang hindi mabuti. Pero tao pa rin siya, ipagdasal na lang natin.”

On Facebook, Romano Lara said, “It's the bad deeds that we're after, not her. We should be hoping for Mrs. Arroyo's speedy recovery and safety.”

Glen Tubosa Fulgencio said: Pagaling po agad siya. Para matiwasay at malakas siyang sasagot sa mga akusasyong ibinibintang sa kanya.Delaying tactics?

However, while some showed compassion for the former President, others expressed dismay over the news that Arroyo would need to spend more time in the hospital.

Paris Imshi on Facebook said: “Delaying tactics lang yan para makalimutan ang totoong issue ng kanyang corruption. We must stay vigilant and pursue justice.”

User trshsnvctrs tweeted: “Do you believe the whole GMA's operation wasn't successful drama?! What's next, it can't be done in the Phils and she has to fly abroad?!”

User rhod_reyes tweeted: “Very timing naman ang infection ni GMA. Sana lang hindi nagpapagamit ang mga doctors kay Arroyo para makaiwas sa investigation.”

“Ok lang as long as hindi siya makakalabas ng bansa. After operation, she has to face all the charges against her,” tweeted deLO1022.

It was former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo who first broke the news that her wife’s surgery was unsuccessful.

"It was not successful. When they opened it, they saw there was an infection so she will rest for 3 weeks then they will operate on her again," he said.
Arroyo’s attending physician Dr. Juliet Cervantes said the infection would have to be treated before she can undergo another surgery.

According to Cervantes, Arroyo’s vital signs are normal, and she will be transferred to the Coronary Care Unit for continued monitoring. She is able to move, but she needs to wear a neck brace.
Meanwhile, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima confirmed Wednesday the issuance of a watch-list order against the former president.

De Lima said the watch-list order stays despite Arroyo’s condition.

"Pangit naman kasi na i-uurong ko na muna, then reissue that [later]. At this point, I'm not inclined to do that. Yang pagbalik niya sa hospital, that's just temporary, I think. And anytime, pwede naman siyang makalabas na rin ng hospital," de Lima said.


We should pray for her recovery. Yes, she did bad deeds but she is still a human being so let's pray for her recovery. It's not a delaying tactic people. Her operation is on the cervical so it's a risky operation. And really, before doing an operation all must be in good condition so if there's an infection then it must be treated first. If not, if you go on with the operation then we won't have a 100 % successful operation and MOST hospital wont risk it. We are talking about a life here. Heath care practitioners doest not look on people whether they are a good or bad person in life. WE SAVE LIVES. So, we are PRO-Life.

Let's just pray for her and if she recovers from this then she can answer all our queries.

Safe Heathcare in the PHI

I was browsing through a forum and one caught my attention.

There was this pregnant woman and was afraid that she might have blood transfusion and have CS on her delivery date when she was told by her doctor that she might be having those. What irked me was when she was asking for an advise on the members because she's afraid to have CS and have BT transfusion because she does not trust health care practitioner here in the Philippines.

It really made my blood boil. WE HAVE GOOD HEALTH CARE PRACTITIONERS IN THE PHILIPPINES!!! Gawd! Yes, we don't have the up to date technologies like what our western brethren have but we don't have materials that we used to have eons ago! Our doctors and nurses are well trained and yes, it's true that you might be under a "trainee's" hand but our seniors and instructors are around.

It's safe to have BT and CS here for Christ sake!

BT, she said she's afraid to have one because she read somewhere that one got a HIV due to BT. Well, for those who had BT during the 70's yes they might have got one BUT now we screen does who donated their blood and we also do cross checking before giving the blood transfusion.

CS, again, don't be afraid to have CS. We have trained doctors to do that. I don't know..maybe for all we know she's from a far flung town BUT she has access to the Internet so I doubt it. Public hospitals are OK. The doctors are well trained since they got several cases thrown on their way day to day so they are more experience than those in the private hospital.

She might be scared because there are news on TV but then again don't believe anything you see on TV. News tend to sensationalize and hence make a news too exaggerated than what really happened.

For mothers out there. I know that giving birth would scared you but please trust your health care practitioners in your areas. We don't live in the middle era anymore so we don't use crude materials. WE are OK, not too modern like what you see on TV series (How we wish that we have that too but they are way too expensive and most hospitals can't afford that. The only hospitals that have that kind of equipments are St. Lukes, Makati med, Medical City and those hospitals are way too expensive for an average citizen). We have equipments and they are maybe what the Americans were using 5-10 years ago but then again it helps lives, right? that's all that matters. We can't be abreast with what modern hospitals in the US are using but we have good doctors to help you and for me that all that matters.

So, please -- have faith! We do what we can do -- Saving lives and all we ask is for you to trust us :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Metallic Money

Do we really need credit card? I never felt the need to have one. I think having a credit card would just make me spend more than I have on my pocket so I never felt in to the urge and join the bandwagon.

That's why I never felt any sympathy to those who had some back credits and have debts up to their ears. I mean, how could they have spent so much money wherein they knew they can never afford in buying things in the first place? They should have save first then buy things they like or just use their credit card where they knew they can be able to afford to pay back in time and not let the interest piled up. cousin told me that a friend of hers is on a "hiding" mode because her creditors are knocking and are asking for her payments and those payments are the interest she failed to pay up and until now it would just go up. I think that both her and the creditors are at fault. The creditors should not add up the interest and should have known her limits (how much money she can afford to owe and how much she can pay) and she should have been responsible enough to pay her dues.

6 feet under

Vice President Jejomar Binay, who was tasked by President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino to submit a recommendation about the matter months back, said the Marcos family already agreed to an Ilocos Norte burial.

"Pumayag na ang Marcos family na sa Ilocos ilibing si dating Pangulong Marcos," Binay said in a statement Tuesday.

The much-delayed burial might also happen anytime soon.

"Yong ikalawang part (military honors) na lang yung dapat nating plantsahin at malapit nang mangyari ‘yon," said Binay.

As for the Marcos family, Senator Bongbong Marcos said they have yet to receive "official communication" from Malacanang.

"The family has not received any word from Noynoy about it so the family has nothing to react to. But we are always open to any compromise, proposals," the Senator said.

Joey Salgado, Binay's spokesman, had said the Marcos family "did not object" to an Ilocos burial, even before the recommendation to Aquino was made.

Salgado said there were representatives from the Marcos family during the negotiations.

Marcos died in Hawaii on September 28, 1989 due to kidney failure. His body was returned to the Philippines in 1993, almost a decade after his ouster.

His embalmed corpse is still in a mausoleum in Batac, Ilocos Norte.

When we went to where Former President Marcos was laid to rest.. It gave me goosebumps while we were there. He is in a glass casket and I was afraid that any minute now he would rise and be a mummy! (We were staying at an Inn in Vigan and I was afraid that a ghost would hunt me and so my paranoia was in a high mode and them we went to Marcos burial place and whoa!) It was really creepy!

I think it does not really matter where he should be buried. He needs to be buried in order for his soul to rest. And his family should put their dreams of having him buried in the "Libingan ng mga bayani"(Cemetery for our National Heroes) as dreams because it would never happen. If he was buried there I think that would caused an upheaval in the citizen and even though P-Noy made Binay to have some sort of a decision on where he should be buried we all know that he will not really make his Father's enemy (and it was speculated long ago that the master mind of Ninoy's assassination is Marcos himself or his wife, Imelda) be buried on heroes burial place.

I think it would be more appropriate for him to be buried in Ilocos since his people love him and his family so much and until now are loyal to the Marcos Family. Some of my Family are Marcos supporters and even though he was corrupt he did made some great project and until now we are still using them. The roads, bridges and buildings during his reign are still sturdy. He may be corrupt but he is a very affective leader. If he was not greedy I think our country would have been more prosperous now.

With all this talk and debate on where he should be buried I think it does not matter. I think Marcos Family would only want to have him buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani as a matter of pride.

His family should just let it go and just bury him in Ilocos.

NO Heroes Welcome for Philippine Dragon Boat Federation

On the news last night, Senate and the Congress will investigate why the Philippine Sports Commission will not give incentive and Heroes welcome for the Pinoy paddlers  (Philippine Dragon Boat Federation) because they are not part of the national team.

I feel sad for them and annoyed that they brought glory for the country and their hard work was just dismissed just because they are not part of the national team! For me, even though they are not part of the national team or even if they are not given incentives then as Filipino's who played and won medals and made other countries praising them for winning, then I think we should have given them a Hero's Welcome. I think all they want is for the whole nation to acknowledge them as a good team and a team that would carry our flag and win games under our flag.

It's sad that Philippine Sports Commission is underfunded and were not able to fund our players and so are not able to be trained on their full potential which always make us not win a gold medal during the Olympics.

I for one would like to see a Filipino winning a gold/silver/bronze and bringing it to our homeland would bring honor to our nation. I would even cheer for them. Why can't we give this team an honor of acknowledging their win on that race?

We cheered for the Azkals but majority of the team are not even Filipino! I think the Pinoy Paddlers ( Philippine Dragon Boat Federation) deserve more of our cheers than them.