Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Kitchen Musical

I missed to watch The Kitchen Musical last Saturday and was disappointed that I forgot about it. The series piqued my interest because we have some Filipino talents on that show and I'm curious about the plot story, would it be like GLEE (which I don't really follow that much because I don't like the lead character. I find her singing and acting OA) or would it be way different, how they would execute their singing and dancing while they cook etc.

And I love food and a romantic at heart so maybe I'd learn to like the series since the episodes is quite telling what the story is all about -- heck the title is almost spelled it out to you , that the drama would revolved around the kitchen so we might expect some music, dance, and drama in this story.

I almost, almost blame it to high school musical because after their successful movies all kinds of musical TV series are sprouting. So, yeah, we should stop comparing this series to GLEE since this is way different from GLEE. :) GLEE did not start it all this rage of having a TV series that have some musical numbers on them. Blame it to high school musical. But I really, really fell in love with all the songs in HS musical so for those TV series who would have that kind of thingy I would still give them a chance to show what they got. Anyways, I'm not a GLEE fanatic. :)

Back to KM..

The plot of the story is about a rich young girl who goes to work at her father's famous restaurant The Avilon after graduating from the culinary school Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.

The Characters:

Karylle as Maddie Avilon, a fresh graduate of Le Cordon Bleu. She lands a job as the sous chef in her father's restaurant. She struggles to show her individuality and creativity in the hands of the head chef.

Stephen Rahman Hughes as Alex Marcus, the executive chef of The Avilon, known for his notoriety for perfection.

Christian Bautista as Daniel Ray, a supportive childhood friend of Maddie and the other sous chef of the restaurant.

Arthur Acuña as Harry Shaw, the general manager of The Avilon. He keeps secrets from Maddie on her father's motives for letting her work in the restaurant.

Rosemary Vandenbroucke as Selena Argon, the sommelier of The Avilon who will do everything to get what she wants. She has a deep desire to get rid of Maddie and win Alex's heart.

Supporting characters

  • Juan Jackson as Juan - Line Cook
  • Thou Reyes as Thou - Line Cook
  • Carla Dunareanu - Line Cook
  • Erwin Shah Ismail as Rico - Dishwasher
  • Ikey Canoy as Winston - Pastry Chef
  • Juwanda Hassim as Nelson - Bartender
  • Nadiah M. Din as Britney - Receptionist
  • Oon Shu An as Paula - Receptionist
  • Gayle Nerva as Gayle - Waitress
  • Rebecca Spykerman as Bec - Waitress
  • Debra Teng as Leslie - Head Waitress
I was able to watch the first episode at YouTube. The plot was not that exciting but then again it's just the first episode and we should support this since it's an Asian show and we have Karylle And Christian in this show. :)

 I heard that the 13 one-hour long episodes are done already and the second season of the series is already in the process.

I can't wait to grab the full episodes of this series. :)

To all the cast of the series, Congratulations! :)