Sunday, January 15, 2012


2012, please be good to me. I really, really have a good vibes this year!

Last year, at the beginning of the year I had my hair permed. This year, I just greeted the year with a smile. I instead stop abusing my hair (for now, no rebounding or perming or have it dyed!).

The year started good for me, for starter, I have my own laptop! Yay! So, now I can focus my attention to blogging. But it went downhill from that. You must have noticed I don't post much anymore or blog hop it's because I have to babysit my nephew. His nanny won't be able to report to work in time so, it's up to me to take care of him. It's no issue because I would drop everything for my family and I love my niece and nephews to pieces and would do anything for them. So, for now, I won't be as active as I was last year-- there goes my hopes -- dashing it to pieces, my hopes of making my page rank higher. :(

But no worries. I am sure I'll be able to get my goals on par when the nanny/baby sitter is here. :)

So, note to self : just smile and don't be stress about it.

2012, remember the movie 2012 where the world ends? Well, I hope it would not happened and that the Mayans would not be that precise on their prediction. I still would want to get married [sad to say I still haven't found my other half. If you have anyone who knows a good male specimen, a human, and have a good character. I'm OK with a few dates ;)], bear children, have a family of my own. But with these prediction looming over us, one would have to mapped out their life, do things crazy stuff and make life more eventful this year, because we are doomed!

I leave it all to God. So, if anything happens, so be it! It's his will. We only live a borrowed time on this earth. BUT PLEASE, GOD, DON"T LET IT HAPPEN (that's what you can hear screaming in my head)  :) I am still young! :)

So, I am sure you are all with me. WELCOME 2012! Let's do crazy stuff this year! ;) hmmmm maybe I would ride a hot air balloon this Feb ;) Now, that is crazy and exciting! ;)

What crazy stuff are you up to this year?

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