Monday, February 06, 2012

CORONA's Trial

After a few days of watching the trial I got bored by it! The only time that made me awake was when Senator Santiago got mad at the prosecutors because they are not ready for the trial. After that it went dull again. Senator Miriam is one of my favorite senators because she is a strong woman and she would say whatever she like to say (and her pick up lines are the best! made me laugh). She did say she needs anger management and I hope she would learn to reel in her emotions because she has hypertension. Whenever I watch the trial, its not "who" would be the witness or what would happen today BUT the one thing that I would ask myself is -- is Senator Miriam Santiago in today? :) I just find the trial MORE interesting when she is there. :)

I always wait for Senator Lapid's turn to question the witness. He asks simple questions and it made me think that it may sound simple to some people and laugh it off, BUT we should all be reminded that some people may also want to know what he is asking.

This trial is too dragging! It's like I am watching a soap opera that has the same lines and it's just too much to take in! It's becoming more of a trial by publicity! After the trial, senators would be interviewed by reporters and highlights of the trial would be on the news. It's just that I am having enough of the trial.

I think they should take a week off. Give the prosecutors more time to gather more evidences to acquit Chief Justice Corona, and most of all to study and be more prepared during the trial.

That's it! I think I won't watch tomorrow.

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