Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Can't help to fall in love with Firmoo

It's here! I was surprised when I got the packaged today! From the posts of other bloggers who also got their firmoo eye wear, they got theirs in just 15 days! Well, I got mine for less than 15 days! I was surprised when I open our gate that a mailman was there and ask if the one the packaged is for is me. Yes, told him that's me. Why? He told me I got a packaged from China. I was hesitant because I thought the packaged I am expecting is coming from New York but then again the one that I e-mailed with has a Chinese Name so I just received the packaged.

Hmm.. Maybe they have lots of branches and their branch in Asia is in China and it's near in the Philippines.

The mailman told me that I have to pay PHP 40 and signed the form. It's Ok. I thought I have to go to the postal office to get the packaged but it's delivered on our house, so it's Ok and I kind of expecting I still have to pay some charges in our postal office. 

Here's my loot!

I love them! You can have your own too if you are a blogger or if not, you can order one! It's affordable and you will get one free for first time clients.

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