Monday, April 04, 2011

Movie Review: Catch Me I'm In LoVe

A romantic comedy movie topbilled by sarah Geronimo, Gerald Anderson and Matteo Guidicelli. Also included in the cast are Dawn Zulueta, Christopher De Leon (Parents of Gerald) and Arlene Muclach and Joey Marquez ( Sarah's Parents).


The movie is about the love story between an ordinary girl who works/volunteers in a Non-Government Organization (Helping Hand) and a President's Son who met in an event and have some clash that got the president's attention and made some ideas that maybe his son may learn something. Since it is his last year being the president he wants to leave a legacy on his last term to remember him by the people. And to make his son have some substance he thought of an idea : appointing Roanne Sanchez (geronimo)  to be his son's supervisor on his immersion program that her organization has been involved with. She would just have to guide and evaluate him on their stay in that place. The President made a deal with his son that if he did well he's free to go back to the United States. The deal was too hard for him to resist since he loathed to be in the philippines and feels constricted on his moves. He's all over the news and he wants to have his freedom and he thinks he does not have the same ideals that his father have. the deal on Roanne Sanchez (Sarah G), her organization will received some funds from the government and building a daycare for the community  is now possible if she agreed with the president. They stayed in Isabela and lived with the townspeople.

My thoughts:

The movie is another rich boy poor girl story. The trailer captured my interest to see the movie and since it is produced by Star Cinema and the first tandem of Ashrald (dubbed love team of sarah g and gerald) made me go to the movie house and watch it. And made me curious of what would happen and what's the story all about? A president son and a social worker is not the usual type cast in the philippine movie. (the usual are the heiress/heir with a helper or with a superstar who fell for her bodyguard and so on )

The movie was ok. It was light ( i hate drama's!) . and there are some scenes that just made you laugh.  if I have to rate it i'll rated it to 7/10.  It was just ok. not too bad for the first tandem of the two and for director Mae cruz ( I think it's her first.. not sure though). But the chemistry between the two are lacking. I don't feel strong feeling coming from them. The blockbuster of loydie and sarah's you change my life is still at the top of my list to a MUST to watch. and I am still hoping that there's a part 3 for it :) but i know it would be unfair to compare it with you change my life but i just can't  help myself  :)

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