Sunday, May 08, 2011

Allergy Attack!

A few days ago I ate a chicken and then I had some egg sandwich for 4days straight. I was the one who made it. My sister bought a lot of eggs and I suddenly wanted to make some egg sandwich so I made some. But I was the only one who ate it. They did not noticed, that I made some and I was thinking all along that they did not like it. I can’t blame them, there are times that when I cooked food and they would asked me what are the ingredients that I used (I love to experiment with food and when I am in a mood I’ll whip up something and made them it! Those poor things! Hahaha). But I am telling you guys, if a frustrated “chef’s” cooked food is not touched or eaten it’s very hurtful to our pride. But it turn out that they just did not know that I made some, so I am okey now. But due to my eating chicken and a lot of eggs I am itching all over! I am allergic to chicken, shrimp and crab (and all of those are very yummy! I am way so jealous of those people who do not have any allergy with those foods like me. Life is so unfair!).

I can eat chicken but I limit it for twice a month, if I eat for two consecutive days I’ll have some chicken skin on my knees, ears, neck and back and it itches.
I remember one friend giving me this pitying look upon learning that I have allergies with those foods, and he said, “I pity you! Those are great foods and can be cooked in different varieties and when you’re eating them such bliss, especially the crabs and shrimps! Ah! I know already! Why did he have to say it? So, I’ll just enjoy beef and pork. L


  1. Nakakainis na nakakasuya talaga kapag hindi ka makakain ng food na gusto mong kainin, sarap pa naman ng ginatang crabs :)

  2. oo nga sis, kakainggit kapag kumakain sila at sarap na sarap, habang ako fish or pork lang :(