Sunday, May 08, 2011

Prayers works!

Prayer really works! God answered my prayer by giving us rain. I am very happy by it because the air is cool and no more, hot humid air for now. We’re having monsoon rains due to the tropical storm Bebeng.
My Elder sister called me on my mobile phone and told me that they have no electricity and Albay is on signal number two and we must get ready for it, NCR might also be affected, but later in the evening, PAGASA assured the viewers that NCR is unlikely to be hit by the storm. Bebeng, the second typhoon this year, was described to be a “slow-moving” typhoon, and this means that it would hover inland longer.  Bebeng is expected to hit Isabela and Aurora tomorrow morning and leave the country on Tuesday morning.
I prayed for rain but I certainly did not wish a storm. Storms brought floods but it can also help us. Water levels of our Hydro Electric Dams are running low and rain could help us fill it up. Some parts in the Metro have their rotational water supply, some parts don’t even have water supply for days. With having a hot weather for days, rains even if it’s a monsoon rain we’re still thankful for it. For those who had their water supply cut they must have been thinking that maybe rotational water cut off would not happen for awhile and the rain would be plenty enough to fill the dam.
On my previous post, I wrote that I would research how to do a dance rain for us to have a break with this HOT summer we are experiencing. But I did not do anything, I did not do rain dance (maybe somebody did it? Hahaha). I just prayed to god and he answered it.
Signing off. See you tomorrow! Visit moi again J

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