Thursday, May 26, 2011

Charice 3rd apperance on Glee Season 2 Finale

I am not a fan of Glee but when I heard that Charice would be a Guest on that show I tuned in for the much awaited appearance of our own Filipina singer that is growing more popular in the United States. Glee's Season 2 episode one, in my opinion had a lot of viewers was because of her, we Filipino's would support our own and her part on that episode was great! I waited and waited for her next appearance but it went on for months before she appeared again for the second time.

Her second stint on the show was a bit disappointing; she only appeared for a little bit. She sang her piece very well but I was hoping that she got to say a lot of lines :)

I was shocked last night because I did not know that it would be the season Finale and she would be on it. I was not able to follow the rest of the episode (reason one: she won't be there;  two: no news that she would be a guest; three: the story just does not get ahold on me to watch it's every episode). But luckily I was able to watch it last night when there's no good movie being aired last night. :)

The Finale Episode "New York", as expected (had a feeling that New Directions would not win on the nationals) Vocal Adrenaline, Sunshine Corazon's group won on the Nationals. Sunshine's piece, "As Long As You're There" brought the house down while the rest of her club members dance in the background. One part of the show that made me like Rachel (never did like her! When she sings, you could almost see her tonsils and that made it look like as if she's trying too hard to sing) was when she assured a nervous Sunshine to get out there and sing! She apologizes for what she did before and told her that she would be cheering for her while she sings! That's one of the most memorable scene for me on the season Finale of the series.

But I have to say something to her stylist! The makeup on her was not good! Her dress! agh! The dress shows her stout body! They could have pick a better dress for her that does not emphasize her size! But that's history. We can't do anything about it. But overall, her performance was great! Bravo, Charice! I hope to see you (more appearance please!) on the third season and I hope you'll be one of the main stay character and not a guest! :)

For those who miss the show, here's Charice, singing "As Long As You're There" :-) 


  1. her sound very nice,i like to hear that song
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  2. oh! i missed this one...
    i am not a charice fan, but i like her...great voice another Philippine pride! hahaha...i can watch her performance in your blog

    about the vendors, i pity for them...
    what can we look forward to, the president is just sitting on his job