Thursday, May 26, 2011

Meds: Capsule vs Tablet

I am the most weirdest nurse in the world! LOL. I absolutely abhorred taking medicines! Eversince I was small I don't like to take my meds (but my parents were absolutely brilliant in making us take our vitamins when we were young. Who wouldn't like taking flinstone's vitamins? It was sweet and It's nice gobbling the Flinstone's characters!) But whenever I am sick I would just put on a brave face and force myself to drink my meds. When I am sick my younger sis would be sick too, so I have to drink it up so that she would drink hers too! I am the "Ate" (older sister) so I have to be brave, conquer my fears! I am not really terrified of drinking it, but I just don't like the after taste of some of the meds.

Now, Eventhough I am more oldEr (hehe) I still loathed drinking my meds. I was sick the past few days, so I have to drink meds. I like to take mine that is in a capsule form than those that are in tablet form. Why? In the capsule form there's no after taste of the meds, while if I take tha tablet meds you'll be able to taste the med which is yucky to moi!

Not a good model for a nurse, but when I administer meds to my patients (pediatrics patients) I told them that the meds would make them feel better or for those who had to have their injections I told them that the meds would give them super powers and would make them feel alright :)

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