Sunday, June 05, 2011


Can you feel the heat wave today? so, hot here in the metropolis, the temperature is 34 °C/ 93 °F, not the hottest temp we had but then again one would be bothered by the weather we are having. we just need to drink lots of water and wear thin clothing to avoid having heat strokes. Maybe it would rain tomorrow? Hope so! :) I love rainy days :)

with a hot weather like this I miss going to the beach! I am so jealous of my sisters, niece and nephew. In the province when its summer time there would always be a time allotted for the whole kin to go to the beach. When I say KIN, yes, it means the whole clan :)

Here are some of the pics they had

Beautiful and relaxing :)

Not like they have in bora but the resort is not too industrialize like some of the well known beaches in the country. It still had its own look like it had long ago.

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