Friday, June 10, 2011

Local show that I am currently following

100 Days to Heaven is a Philippine fantasy children television series currently airing on ABS-CBN starring Xyriel Manabat and Coney Reyes. This is Coney Reyes first lead role after having already portrayed supporting roles in teleseryes such as Ysabella and Rubi.

Cast and Characters

Main cast
  • Coney Reyes as Anna Manalastas
  • Xyriel Manabat as Young Anna Manalastas
  • Jodi Sta. Maria as Sophia

Supporting cast

  • Louise Abuel as Kevin
  • Rafael Rosell as Bart Ramirez
  • Dominic Ochoa as Bobby Ramirez
  • Valerie Concepcionas Miranda Ramirez
  • Joel Torre as Andres
  • Smokey Manaloto as Bruce
  • Neil Coletaas Jopet
  • Jewel Mische as Jessica Cruz
  • Emmanuelle Vera as Yanie Ramirez

 Special participation

  • Mark Gil as Norman Manalastas
  • Shaina Magdayao as Teen Anna Manalastas
  • Felix Roco as Rene Mosqueda
  • Pokwang as Digna Asuncion
  • Melai Cantiveros as Girlie
  • Vice Ganda as Augusto the Beautician
  • Jason abalos as Brando Rivera
  • Chinggoy Alonzo as Mr. Villanueva
  • Empress Schunck  as Gina Bernardo
  • Ron Morales as Baldo Enriquez
  • Gloria Romero as the Old Woman
  • Joonee Gamboa as Ricardo "Carding" Torres
  • Lui Manansala as Brenda
  • Noel Trinidad as Tagabantay (St. Peter)
  • Sam Milby as Ruel Villanueva
  • Xian Lim as Jojo Villanueva

100 Days to Heaven tells a story of Anna, a strict boss of The Toy Company (portrayed by Coney Reyes). Due to her bad past, she became a cold and unkind person. Employees of the company are afraid of her because of her strict and bossy attitude towards them and others. One evening, she was killed in a car accident and her soul went into a place in which there was nothing but white mist (it is unknown if she was in Heaven). She only heard the voice of God and the truth that she was dead. There, God gave her a chance to live her life again in 100 days in a form of a child (portrayed by Xyriel Manabat), found by Sophia (portrayed by Jodi Sta. Maria) and she later befriends Kevin (Louise Abuel). Her mission is to find the people that she had hurt and correct her wrong doings.  If her mission is successful, she'll go to heaven.

MY Review:

AS usual after May Bukas Pa, ABS-CBN have a Good show that is worth to watch by the whole family. The show may be a fantasy BUT it may happen for all we know, Divine miracle are bound to happen that we may not be aware of.

I like the show because you can really feel the characters plight and it seems real to me. Each episode shown would have a moral story to tell and I think the children would learn something from the show: forgiveness, be helpful to your neighbors, be kind and most of all the golden rule: One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.

Xyriel Manabat is really good! Her debut on Agua Bendita did really made her a star (which we all forgot that it should be starred by Andi Eigenmann :) she was SO GOOD in portraying her roles that her appearance was extended! and then she had MOmay and then this show! More power to you Xyriel! But always be humble! If a Fan would ogled at you in the mall just smile (don't be like those star/s that are just starting to get known in the biz but when you bump into them in the mall and you ogled at them for awhile you would get a hard stare from HER. She's really a bendita on that glance. I am not the usual type that would get an autograph from a star or took a pic of them or with them BUT I am just human and I would like to take a GOOD look when I saw a personality/actor and would stop on my track and stare to: 1. if she/he really look like that as shown in the TV 2. Is she/he nice and would smile . It would be really a treat for us a lowly private citizen and bump into a down to earth actor ( and not be a bitch!)

Sorry guys, until now I really really hate that girl. She's really not a nice gal as what I heard about her. She really is bendita as in super duper agh

So, Xyriel, Hija wag kang tutulad sa ibang mga artista na akala mo mabait pero sa personal hindi maganda ang ugali. Maging mabait sa kapwa tao mo. I like you, so I hope that when I accidentally meet you on the road, I hope you'll be a nice young lady :) You are one of the reasons why I am watching the show. You are a child wonder! :)

peepz if you missed an episode you can watch it here

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