Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Amanda Coling: asks for an apology?

Amanda Coling the alleged rape victim of four of the members of AZKALS is open to accepting apologies. From whom and for what is the question everyone is asking.

Her lawyer, Atty Apollo Sangalang, has posted in his FB page what is purportedly Coling's side of the story.

The statement specifically says that something happened on June 2. What it was, we don't know yet . But by June 6, a newspaper reporter was already calling her about a supposed "gang rape video" involving her and the Azkals. After remaining silent, her name was exposed without her consent by media people as the victim of the Azkals rape rumor.

From that point, things started unraveling for Coling, leading up to her removal from last week's fashion event.

My personal take is this:

1. Something happened on June 2

2. If she went to a women's militant group and a public attorney and asked counsel from them but she STILL kept mum from what really happened is not clear to me. It left me really thinking if she's thinking straight? If she really went to them then she would have been supported by them to file a case against her rapist.

3. on the statement, she called celebrity friends on what happened on that said day, June 2, but if they were really friend they would have told her to have a medico-legal if she was really raped and go with her to the hospital and then file a case against her abusers.

4. If she is really a rape victim one would not just ask for an apology.

5. she should have just kept quiet of the whole incident if nothing really happened that day. She's just digging her own grave and her going out, giving interviews and showing her face to the public only made the citizen wonder if she's really sane or what? an apology for being raped? WTF

For me, I am not a fan of Azkals but because of this scandal, their image have been stained. with all the confusions this controversy have made I hope that both sides would be able to settle this quietly.

My heart goes to this girl's family. What humiliation they must have suffered with this.

whatever the outcome this issues had done to both sides, I hope they will be able to fix this. and we all know that in the end the truth will prevail.

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