Saturday, July 23, 2011

What would be PNOY's SONA?

A few more days and we'll be able to hear PNOY's second SONA. It was already announced that classes on all levels in public and private schools in QC will be suspended. [why only in QC??? :( ]

He's been on his post for a year now and he could only do much on such a short time, but then again he did promise us a change in his administration. here's a list that I think he did something, besides him going on dates ;)

1. corruption - we now knew that a lot of corruption is (was?) going on in the AFP and PCSO which on my part is not that surprising (who wouldn't be tempted to do an anomaly if there's a lot of money in front of you and you knew that the top brass on the system is also brewing something? it's all like an anecdote of, " Everybody is doing it. So, join na ko!"). But honestly after watching the live telecast on ANC of the blue ribbon committee with the Ligot's I stop watching it because it just made me mad that they had the guts to do it and lie even if they are caught already. So, I am not that updated with the PCSO scam now.

2. Spartly's island - the past admin did not put much attention on this dispute with whose country really has the rights of it. I know we are not that armed to fight against China with this dispute but I'd really hope that both leaders (PHI and China) would be able to have a conversation on this issue.

3. Giving houses to the Police - I have an uncle who is a police and a friend and it's a really hard job. My uncle loved his job and would be on his post for 24/7 (and it's one of the thankless job that you have) I am glad that our president have also seen the plight of our AFP's

4. And I am glad where he stood by on the RH Bill. I thought he'll just stay quiet about his stand since he would be opposed to the church views on this issue. When he took a stand on this I was relieved that he showed that he won't be swayed by the church decisions on this issue.

But on July 25, on his SONA I hope that he would be able to address issues on projects that would be an answer for unemployment's and other programs that would help our farmers. And I hope that he should refrain from blaming PGMA's past admin mistakes (we all know now the mistakes she made, the corruption and all so we don't need it to hear it from you all over again).

How about you? what would you like to hear from him?

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