Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nars Life

When you see a nurse what do you think of them? An angel that God made to make your relatives life comfortable and someone that would take care of them? Or just another human that are paid to take care of you or your relative? A slave? Or just someone doing their task/job?

They would appear to you in a white uniform or scrub..our uniform pertains that we are there to do our job with honor. But you see, all of that is a sham. Life in a hospital is crap. Yes, it's a thankless job and we may be fulfilled that at the end of the day we help someones lives or save a life. But imagine, we are there amidst with all the sufferings and it takes a toll in our hearts  and souls. It sucks the happiness out of our system.

Yes, we are there to do our Job and as we pledge in our profession that we would save lives but we ALL are not that prepared that life in a hospital is pure chaos. :)

Before you yell at your nurse because they did not bring your medicine on time or you need to go to the bathroom or need your medications you should think first that you are not the only patient in this world. He/she may have a lot of patients on her shift. He/she is doing all he/she can do and do his/her task and some of them are not paid at all or his/her salary is not that enough. So, before you talk think first.


In months time there would be another new batches of nurses and yes they would be unemployed..ahhh another batches of beguiled human beings. We should have read a nurses guide after PASSING the BOARD.

Choices to be filled: Call center agent, caregiver, nursing assistant, bank teller, trainee, volunteer!!!

Reality bites big time and yes, I'm one of them. Another gullible soul. I tried to be a volunteer but it really was not made for me. I'm not tailored for it. Imagine having 30 patients per day and deaths. Found out I can't handle deaths. Had a patients that I just looked at him, a three month old infant and he died. :( and to top it off was working with no pay! I realized I can never ever be a martyr!

And I talked back. My Mom was mad at me after telling her that I told someone that if she can't wait then go to a private hospital if she preferred a VIP treatment. Well, I was at the OPD at that time and there was this elegantly dressed lady and asked if they would be first in line because her helper's child vomited a live worm day before and was injected with a medicine yesterday at the ER and was told to go to the OPD and have a doctor see the child. The child was not with them but would just want the doctor to give them a medicine. I told them that the child needs to be seen so that the doctor can further asses what proper medicine would be best for the child. She the told me off to STOP speaking in tagalog because I'm in the province and just say it in the local dialect. Well, it made me MAD, I instead speak in English because she was talking to me in English when telling me to talk to her in our dialect. It was a proper thing to do after all, right? (I was brought up that if someone speaks in English the respond in English) Told her that I was used talking in Tagalog and said that she would have to wait for her number to be called. Her Doctor friend is not there and I don't know what medicine would be given since the child needs to be seen and if she needs to be treated like a VIP then she needs to go to a private hospital since we are in a government hospital so ALL would be treated equally.

Well, it was hilarious now remembering that but it just made the bitch in me to go out. If she were nicer I could have put her first in line because patients have no idea what is their number ;)

So, Please peepz, be nice to your health care provider! :)

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