Monday, May 30, 2011

Sandara Park

We are all familiar with the name-- Sandara Park, here in the PHI, she's more known as krung-krung when she's one of the finalist in Star Circle Quest in Abs-cbn. I did not vote for her but she certainly caught my interest at that time. Who would not be? She's a foreigner but she can speak our language and you can feel that she really loves our country. And her love was not in vain, majority of the citizen loved her back. But nowadays she's more known as Dara in 2ne1. We, Filipino's don't get enough news from her since she is now base in korea, and any news from her would be appreciated by us.

I heard that her group 2ne1 would have a concert here at the Araneta Coliseum on June 5. Why oh why on Araneta? It's so far from our house. BUt for the fans, I am sure you're all going, so buy a ticket now while there are still some ticket/s available  :) please post some pictures on that concert! :)

Anyway, after knowing that they would have a concert, I tuned in on myx and learned that VJ Janine and VJ Rob went to Korea and had an interview with Sandara. Here's the interview that I obtained from youtube

Been looking for the second part of the interview but it's not available anymore :(

The interview was so nice! Sandara can still speak Filipino very fluently.
Good Luck Krung-krung!

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  1. obviously, you really love Korean.. is it North or South? lols =)