Saturday, June 04, 2011

No h20

The worst thing that can happen when you wake up early in the morning is..when you have no water dripping in your faucet! We we're all surprise because our baranggay din not have their usual blaring of a megaphone roving all over the area telling us that there would be a water cutoff in our area! I even checked maynilad site and there was  NO news on their water rotational cutoff on certain areas in the metropolis. What a day! We do not have enough water stored for the whole family to use! I am really hoping for rain so that we could have atleast something we could use for flushing :(

I think Maynilad should update their site regularly and put some news for their consumers to check on if their areas would have a water shortage! And tell our baranggay heads that they are going to cut our water supply a day before that so that we can be prepared for it! (and be told beforehand) and store some water that we can use for the whole duration of having our water's cut.

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