Friday, June 24, 2011

Dear Falcon,

We are really thankful that because of you, classes are suspended BUT please we have enough! Could you please stop raining! Because of you the whole city was flooded, caused a lot of traffic and and some were forced to walk while some were stranded.

We, Filipino's are hospitable people BUT we ALSO have our limits! Please ceased raining, if you continue these heavy rains then tonight we might be flooded again! And I don't want to clean our house again :( and Lift the ref, sofas and everything again :(


From Phoebe  >_<

Ways to do when there's a Flood and you're outside

1. Search the net if where you're going had a heavy flow of traffic. If heavy traffic is rampant, just stay where you are. You would be more comfortable there anyway. If you're stuck in the traffic for a long time..your patience would be tested.

2. If you absolutely have to go Home now and can't wait for the traffic to slow down. Then Go!

3. If you're going to commute and have to walk, don't  walk or wade in the flood straight ahead. Check where you put your feet (it would be better if you have an umbrella --the long handed one, use it to check the floor where you walk. You may never know what's in front of you may have a hole (you can't see anything but water so can't see the hole) and if you just walk into it without checking then you'll have a NASTY surprise there if you are not careful :) It's better to be careful right? Regret is always in the end :)

4. If you have a car buy some stash of food. You'll have a long time to stay there if traffic is heavy.

5. Pray :) It always works! Heavy rainfall will stop eventually and it usually be flooded for a day only.

6. Learn from it. Stop putting garbage anywhere. We are at fault too. Basura mo ay babalik sayo :) 


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  2. Now we know who the sebnsile one is here. Great post!