Sunday, June 19, 2011

To Papa

Hi! Today is your day Papa! Happy Father's day! I want to thank you for raising us up. It must be hard but You did a great job! We turn up well! :)

I am now a Lady and in a few years I will have my own family. As days go by, being an adult is tough. There are a lot of responsibility to tackle ( I don't know why I wished years ago to be an adult! It seems so cool to be an adult when one is so young) and it's really a jungle in the real world.

Now that we (me and my siblings) are now all grown ups, you and Mama should just sit down and just take life easy. It's now our turn to raise you ! (haha)

We love you and all we are hoping and praying is for you to stop your vice (smoking is bad for your health). Take care!

From Your Daughter

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