Friday, June 24, 2011

San Juan City water splashing tradition

Happy Feast Day San Juan City!

So, for the traveller's guide, avoid the city by all means! hahaha. It's a tradition that you'll be mobbed by the people and they will splash waters to everybody, to passers by and to anybody! (poor peeps who did not know that it's San Juan day today. What hapless victims! ) I don't know why but it seems enjoyable doing that! It's their tradition on splashing waters during their feast day! (John the Baptist, is their Patron Saint. They must be just projecting HIM, but then again, John the Baptist does not do that--slashing waters to JUST ANYBODY. weird tradition! :)

But what about the ones who have to go to their office?  I hope the people of San Juan would not just bombed water to any passers-by, they have to see if the waters sprayed to them would be welcomed :) Be kind to those who needs to go to their office! they need to have DRY clothes :)

It's raining now. I wonder where they got the water they are pouring/spraying? Maybe from the flooded street? --yuck!

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