Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vargas invited to US Senate hearing on Dream Act

New York, NY -Award-winning Filipino journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, who recently admitted that he is undocumented, has been invited to a U.S. Senate hearing tomorrow on the Dream Act that would give undocumented students in America a path to legal status.

In an interview with Balitang America, Vargas would not say whether he would testify tomorrow before the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

Preliminary reports say that Democratic Senator Robert Mendez of New Jersey may be championing his cause and may become his ally in their common fight for the Dream Act to pass.

Sources in the legislature say proponents of the Dream Act are in talks with Vargas, who has said that he wants to be the face and voice of the undocumented in America.

The Dream Act would allow undocumented students who came to the US as minors to become US citizens if they reach certain educational attainments or serve the military.

"I don't think a story about immigration has gotten this kind of play, or this kind of discussion. I will make sure that it doesn't fail, I've gotten this far, I'm not about to give up everything now," Vargas told Balitang America.

Vargas has created an organization, Define American, to push for the passage of the comprehensive immigration reform.

Last week, Vargas wrote his own life story as an undocumented immigrant - published online by New York Times.

"People have told me that coming out like this and writing what I did was completely irrational, one lawyer said it was legal suicide to do this, I wanted to do it because the whole system is irrational," he said.
Reaction from the Filipino community has been mixed

"I've gotten a couple of emails from Filipinos who were like, 'Why are you coming out? This is so embarrassing for us.' You know the whole T.N.T. (tago ng tago) thing. But many, many more Filipinos have been so wonderful. Not just Filipinos, everybody," said Vargas.

Vargas admitted that he has played every possibly scenario in his head- including the possibility of deportation. But for now, he said that he is still steadfast in his resolve that he will be able to stay and be legalized in the US.


I admired his guts for going all out BUT I doubt his sincerity! If he is really remorseful of what his kin did then he should have come out a long time ago! He is only looking out for his own skin not the ones that are like him on the same boat! What will happen to other Filipino's that are also TNT (tago ng tago)? I pity them. They must be nervous that his confessions might backfire to them.

If He is not a journalist I really doubt that he would go out and confess if he is just a mere gasoline boy there in the US of A :)

If you really have some principles then GO HOME and live a life here! You're eyes would be open why your MOM send you there in the first place! A better life than a life living here!  If you're only aware of the struggles that Filipino's have! (his monthly pay would be equal to years of a regular employee being paid here!). I dare you to go home and live here! Then you'll know that your mom really loves you by sending you there, it's a wrong reason since they broke the law BUT A mother's love is really boundless! She must have shed a lot of tears being apart from you!

Mr. Vargas, we Filipino's are watching you! Please think of your other kababayans! Please think of some Filipino's that are struggling there. There are a lot of TNT's out there and THEY have a reason why they are there, to give LIFE to their own FAMILY :) And because of you NOW they must be on always on the look out that they might be deported anytime, all thanks to you for shooting off your mouth before thinking of the consequences that might happen not only to you but for others who are making a living.

Please you open a lot of can of worms with your confession! I hope that we all survive from it and live with the consequences. And beware, watch your back, some would really want to bury you alive for what you did.

Until now I still can't get over of what you did! What the heck were you thinking?!

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