Monday, June 27, 2011

Who would replace Cuddy???

It was all over the news that this would be Lisa Edelstein, last season in HOUSE!

Lisa Edelstein, the actress whose character has bickered with (and eventually hooked up with) Dr. House, will not be returning for the shows eighth (and likely final season). Instead, we just learned she'll be headed to 'The Good Wife.'

I was not really surprised that Cuddy and House eventually hooked up together. There is some chemistry there when they banter throughout from the very first season the series was aired. (I am not into Cameron-House ship so when they got together it was a happy moment for me since my hunch was right--smiling smugly here!)

and their break up is not also surprising there, since House has really some personal issues to settle :)

BUT why do they have to replace Cuddy? Who would replace her in making HOUSE question his moves and be his voice of reason? Wilson can't definitely control House :))

Who do you think can replace Cuddy, to be House Boss?

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