Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Aren't you curious?

Until now it boggles the mind on what kind of coffee do they served at PAGCOR to have coffee expenditures amounted to about P1 billion during the previous administration?

Is it Starbucks? or maybe they also send some coffee to our policemen? I think one of these days the previous admin would be summoned by the blue ribbon committee. and if that day comes I would watch it from the start to the finish.

As I previously posted, corruption on that department is not that surprising, with all that money pouring in, if you're really cunning and greedy, you would really lost your soul and just succumb in to be corrupt like your buddies at the top loft of the government. We all know that we have corrupt officials and on that we can't do anything 'coz they are the ones who had the power and position. What really really makes me mad is that..PAGCOR helps our citizens who can't afford to buy or seek health care for themselves or for a member of their family. There's a long line of people everyday at PAGCOR seeking help and my heart really goes out to those people.

Imagine, P1 Billion, that could help a lot of people! It could even pay for our debts at the world bank. There are really people who are so low. :( no wonder our country is poor and not progressing if we have corrupt officials in our government.

I hope that Juan should wise up in our next election and vote for the right people to make our country prosper again. ha! one could dream, right? :(

Anyway, what are your reaction's to P-Noy's SONA?

I was bored throughout his speech. Well, all speeches do makes me bored but every time he speaks why do I feel like it's as if he's like a contestant in "Bugtong ng Wika", or is it just me???

He really has a good command on Tagalog Language (which makes me bored throughout the process) but I find his speech lacking. He again lambasted the previous admin which we all know is corrupt (and the whole wang-wang theme on his speech really lost me there). What we want to hear from him are his plans/projects that are strategic enough to solved poverty and how our country should progress. In short, his speech lacks vision. :(

OK, he did say some nice things that are music to the ears -- "ikulong ang may sala" statement to the doers of tax evasion, smuggling, graft and corruption and extra-judial killings. That's nice! But he never said anything about jueteng which cannot live in a terrain where graft and corruption are absent, thus making his promise in the last Independence Day celebration in Kawit, Cavite, that of making our country graft-free, impossible to happen.

Again, we would wait to see the results of what P-Noy promised again this year and wait for his next SONA. To see is to believe after all :)

We are watching you P-Noy. :) you have 5 more years to keep what you promised to us.."Pagbabago" :)

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