Thursday, July 28, 2011

HP hangover

After watching the Finale of HP series...I still can't get over it. Did you shed (a) tear/s while watching the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part2? It's really over :(

Anyway, what really fascinate me with the whole series was..with the idea of doing magic. :) I was a fan of Bewitched and growing up reading fairy tales would plant some sort of an idea that.."what ifs we could do that and that sort of things.

here are the things of what ifs that made the series more interesting for me :

1. Being magical - we tend to have some sort of a biased descriptions of witches and wizard that they don't look handsome or pretty to look at. 

It was known long ago that witches have some warts on their faces and have a hunching back.

With HP, there's no such things [and in Bewitched, Samantha is gorgeous! :) ] Hermione is so beautiful! :) (she's my fave character in the series!)

So, have you ever wonder of being a witch? :) It would be just simply splendid of being one and turn people you don't like in to toads! :)

2. Flying - I always like the idea of flying :) After watching Peter Pan it really made me think of what it felt like to fly. (Peter Pan and his gang seems happy while they are flying)

So, what if you're given a broom by your godfather and it's a flying broom at that?

Firebolt's the cool thing to have as a gift :)

3. Be invisible - having cloaks that makes you invisible is way too cool! you can spy on your enemies that way :)

4. Turn back time - there are times that I wished that I could turn back time but it simply is too impossible :( 

In the series they have magical object (time turner) that would make them go back in time. I so wish that we have that in the real world :) that would be a big help for me

5. Able to apparate - Of all thing that I'd like to have is the ability to apparate! That would be something. No more hassle to go from one place to another. That would be another way to avoid traffic!

I will surely miss HP :) But due to the ending of the movie, I am scourging through again and find worthwhile good reads that fans made to make the story going :)

How about you? What's your review on the movie? I give it 5/5 ^_^ since it's the last one and I really, really like the series.

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