Friday, July 29, 2011


I was surprised that MWSI Customer Helpdesk (Maynilad) sent me an email of "NOTICE OF WATER SUPPLY INTERRUPTION". What made me wonder is that.. our area is not included with the water interruption at all. LOL.

I don't know why, maybe my email is on their database that usually rant on their site if our water got interrupted so they just sent emails of notifications on their notorious "irate" clients. ^_^

But I only sent them three emails complaining that our baranggay did not told us before hand that there would be water cut-off on our area (hence, we don't have any waters on our barrels! I really really hate it when we don't have any waters since that would mean.. have to conserve water and we can't take a bath!) and that they should update their website! they should have post some notice of interruptions on what area would they have some water interruption and on what date, time is the cut-off and of course what time should they expect water supply resumed on their area. And I am super nice about that. I don't blame the CSR of the interruption (there's this irate client that did not like the way the representative answered her questions and was asking for that rep to be fired) email is usually asking them what time would we be expecting running waters to be resumed..and I always add on my email that they should put a live chat on their website so that their clients would have an answer on their queries with speedy results (my emails was answered after 2days! -- yup! their service should have some serious make over and yes, I hate it but what can I (we) do? just have to bare with it)

so, it was so weird that I had a missive from them wherein my village is not included. But, anyways, Thank You Maynilad! :)

Peepz, here's the rest of the letter I got. Maybe your area is included :)

To our Valued Customer,

As part of Maynilad’s continuous effort to improve its services in the West Zone Concession Area please be advised on the following improvement schedule/s:

Activity             :      Decommissioning of the existing 900mm SP
Location           :      along South Luzon, Expressway, Parañaque City
Duration           :      9:00pm August 1, 2011 (Monday) to 9:00am August 2, 2011 (Tuesday)  -  12 hours

The following areas in Magallanes Village, Paseo De Magallanes in Makati City  and West Service Road (from Villamor PS to Marcelo Green Village), Brgy. Merville, Brgy. Moonwalk, Brgy. 185 (from Maricaban and Villamor Area), Brgy. 201 (Kalayaan), Edison Avenue, Brgy. Sun Valley, Sta. Ana Drive, Brgy. Don Bosco, San Martin De Porres, portion of Brgy. Marcelo (MGV),  Brgy San Antonio (SAV – 1,3,5,8,9,10,11), Greenheights, Camella Homes (Greenheights), Craus Subdivision, Savio Homes, Remanville, Malacañang Village, Japan, Jamaica, Annex 37 in Parañaque City will temporarily experience NO WATER until the activity is completed.

As a precautionary measure, we strongly suggest to that you close the gate valve before your water meter within the duration of the interruption. This is to prevent dirty water from entering into your pipes which may affect the quality of water we provide. While waiting for normal water supply, we encourage you to store enough water within the duration of this interruption.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.  Please be assured that the new MAYNILAD is continuously finding ways to serve you better.

For clarification and other inquiries, you may call the Maynilad Hotline 1626.

Thank you.

Office Hours:  8am to 5pm, Mondays to Fridays

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