Wednesday, August 31, 2011

At long last! I'm here again!

I miss you guys! Sorry wasn't able to log in, blog hop and update my site. My sister's laptop is having some problems and it's been so long since I log in so I opted to go to the nearest Internet shop :) just to blog! hahaha

I did not risk it earlier because

1. I do not like the idea of spending money wherein the connection is so slow

2. I've heard that some net shop had some holdups --- but then again I don't have a lot of money in my pocket so I risk it today ;)


To Reese! Thank you for giving me an award!

She gave me this award!

I'm so happy that I was given twice of the said award! Blogging opened some doors (and windows) for me : made me a writer, gain some friends and earn extra income ;)

To Reese and Tin, Thank you!

I'm suppose to hand over this award to bloggers too :) It's not that hard since I love all my fellow bloggers and I totally support and follow their post whenever I'm online :)

I'm Only Sleeping

And of course, I would also want to give back the award to Reese and Tin! You should receive lots of this because your blog is good (great actually!) and I really love to read your insights on things that you are so passionate about :)

To show gratitude and acknowledgement, anybody who received this award should  link back to the one who gave it to her and be generous enough  to  pass it along.

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  1. sa wakas nag-update din hahaha...
    you're welcome missy