Friday, August 12, 2011

'Apes' strong opening brings talk of sequel

There haven't been any official conversations. But after the big "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" opening last weekend, the movie's writer/producers not only expect a sequel or two -- they are prepared for them.

Wow! Can't wait for it! I enjoyed the movie very much even if I were alone. My sibling were all into Captain America so I have to watch the Apes alone :) Watching it alone was weird. But had a blast watching it!

But the producers are not 100% sure if they will have a sequel they are still on the "wait and see" mode :)

But if ever they are working on a sequel that's good and if there won't be a sequel that's OK since I am satisfied with the movie. Sequels tend to be a disappointment and the first one would always give you the strongest impression and the sequels would have a harder time to beat that.

The only movie series that I like are: Toy Story (love them from 1-3)

Movies with sequels that I don't like: Cars (I am sorry but I was not satisfied with Cars 2), Hang Over (hang over 2 -- don't like it. seems like the same old joke been repeated again and again).

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