Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Things that I'd like to get my thoughts across the world wide web

1. P-Noy

I was really sad when the victims and their families of the Manila Hostage Crisis left the Philippines and our dear President did not apologize for the said incident.

All he had to do is say, "I am sorry". That's it! It's not that hard. And even though he said that they already said it once or twice it does not matter at all. Is saying sorry that hard?

The whole incident was shown in History channel already. Watched it twice and every time I watched it it made me feel ashamed for my country. Our National Police does not know what to do and even the so called SWAT team that we have have no idea at all on what to do even if they said and shown it on TV on what they are going to do.

And since you Mr. President is the high ranking official in our country you should just say sorry and maybe ..really do something about it! Heads should roll after the incident and nothing came out of it. You should have fire some people from their post for being incompetent on their job. Hire someone that might train our people if such thing happen again.

I feel sad and sorry for them. TO ALL THE CHINESE CITIZEN IN CHINA AND THE HOSTAGE VICTIMS AND FAMILY. I, would like to say, " I am sorry for what you have been through. Please, don't hate us."

2. Dengue Outbreak

Yes, we all know the same old news that dengue outbreak is here again. It's really not that new. It's rainy season so peeps don't be shocked. Dengue is on the rise again.

Checked this site to know more about dengue.

All things should start in our own LOT/Home. We should not rely on our health officials on this matter. We should clean our surroundings. This should be the whole village/baranggay's project. After all we our own health is at risk here.

3. Ms. Universe

Good Luck Ms. Shamcey Supsup

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