Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Down With Love


Xiang Yu Ping (Jerry Yan), a divorce and inheritance lawyer, who is seen by others as a cold, ruthless and selfish person, had to take care of his niece and nephew when his brother died in a car accident. The children's mother had left the family so he had no choice but to take care of them. Every nanny he hires to take care of his two mischievous charges is either scared off by the two or ends up falling for him. Fed up of changing nannies, he asks his secretary to find him one that won't fall for him and won't get scared by his charges. Yang Duo, his secretary loves money, they used to be wealthy but after their mother passed away and being abandoned by their father, they lost their wealth and been left by heavy debts, she has no choice but love money for it would make their life easy. She recommends her sister, Yang Guo for the job assuring him that her tomboyish sister will not fall for him and lying that she does not like men at all. But after Yang Guo saves Yu Ping from an explosion, he started to fall for Yang Guo's plain beauty and kindness. 

**I've been hooked with this drama! It got me glued to the TV from start to finish. I had another day marathon watching it from start to finish. It was already shown in ABS-CBN but I was not able to watch it.

I am a fan of Jerry Yan (it's all because of Meteor Garden that I've learn to love him ^_^ haha) and that's one of the top reasons why I watched it. He delivers his character here very well. I was not into his character on his TV series Hot shot.

On Ella's acting it was just the same as her character in Hana Kimi. I'd like to see her have a different character like those given to Ariel Lin and Rainie Yang ( I love both of them! Like their characters on some of their tv series). A tomboy character would always be given to Ella and that's not fair. She may be able to grow more if she'll be given a more challenging role and not the usual ones given to her :)

The niece and nephew of Yu Ping is so cute! ^_^ these two rascals played their part well


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