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Red Riding Hood Movie Review


Valerie (Amanda Seyfried) is a young woman living in the small village of Daggerhorn, Russian Empire. She is torn between two men.She is in love with the woodcutter Peter (Shiloh Fernandez), but her parents have promised wealthy blacksmith Adrian Lazar that Valerie will marry his son Henry (Max Irons).

Valerie and Peter plans to run away but the towns sirens erupted, telling the townspeople that the werewolf that terrorizes the village strikes again. They found out that the victim is Lucy, Valerie's younger sister. For years, the townspeople offers the creature a monthly animal sacrifice and the townspeople learned not to go near the woods where the beast lives. Lucy ventured there after discovering that Valerie had been promised in engagement to Henry whom she loves.

Some of the men in town went out to hunt the wolf, Adrian was killed in the process while they were hunting for the wolf. The Men manage to behead a common gray wolf and bring it to the town, thinking that it was the wolf that  terrorizes the town for years.

While they are embalming Adrian's body, Valerie discovers that her mother had an affair with adrian and Lucy is his daughter as well as Henry's half-sister. This is the reason why she was the one being promised not Lucy. Her father, Cesaire, is unaware of it.

The townspeople decide to celebrate the death of the wolf, but they were interrupted by the arrival of the famed werewolf hunter, Father Solomon. He told the people that the wolf they killed are not the one who prowls the village but it might be one of them, the real wolf takes a human form by day and at night a wolf.
The townspeople does not believe him and continued the festivities, but they were attacked by the Wolf and killed several people.

Father Solomon told the people that the wolf is stronger than the ones he fought. The curse that the wolf have might have been pass on from generation to generation and one of them must have been the wolf. It was also revealed that during the week of the red blood moon, those that have been bitten would also recieve the curse and be turn into a wolf.

Valerie and her friend Roxanne are cornered by the Wolf as they were attemting to go near the church as the holy ground is a place of safety. The Wolf begins to speak with Valerie and much to her surprised she can understand his growls and it has a very brown eyes. The wolf told her that he will come back for her and they would ran away together.

When they got back from the village, one of Father Solomon's men is still alive but been bitten by the wolf, Father Solomon killed him to save the town from yet another werewolf.

The next day, Roxanne's autistic brother was arrested believing that he knows who is the wolf when he was found in a frantic state after the attack, he was put inside a Barzen Bull and underneath it they set a fire. They would release him if he told them who is the wolf. For her brother to be release, Roxanne told Father Solomon that there's a witch amongst them who can talk with the wolf. When she was led where her brother is, she found out that he was already dead.

Valerie meanwhile suspects that someone close to her must be the Wolf. Valerie was captured by Father Solomon and was made bait to lure the Wolf out, but was rescued by Henry and Peter. While Henry frees Valerie's arms from the chain, Peter sets the tower afire where Father Solomon is overseeing the action. Peter was caught and thrown into the elepant but no fire was lit underneath it. In the mayhem the Wolf appears and following Valerie into the church and burn its paw upon entering. Father Solomon attempts to kill the wolf but his hand was bitten off by the wolf. Valerie's friend Roxanne and others shielded her from the wolf until the sun rises. Having been bitten father Solomon is executed.

Valerie had a dream about her grandmother who lives in the woods,and become convinced that she might be the wolf. She sets out to destroy her and save the village.

She sets off to go to her grandmother's house stopping at the church and putting Father Solomon's severed hand in her basket.

In the woods she met Peter, who is wearing a glove. He does not explain how he got out of the elephant, she believes that he is the wolf and is hiding his burned paw. She slashes him with a knife and flees to her grandmother's house.

At her Grandmother house, her grandmother is acting strange and does not reveal herself to her. When the curtain was pulled back, Cesaire, her father, shows himself who have been faking her grandmother's voice. He revealed that he is the wolf, not Peter or her Grandmother. He explains to Valerie that he needs to pass his gift before the blood moon is almost over. he originally intended it to be Lucy, however once she saw him she remained frightened and revealed that she could not understand him. Any offspring of a wolf would have been able to understand its language. When he realizes that she was not his he acted out of rage and killed her. (This also explains why the wolf clawed Valerie's mother and murdered Adrian.)

As Cesaire is about to bite Valerie, Peter suddenly arrives to save her. Cesaire bites Peter before being killed as Valerie stabs him with the silver fingernails of Father Solomon's severed hand, and as Peter throws his axe into Cesaire's back. Valerie and Peter dispose of Cesaire's body by filling him with rocks and dumping him into the water.

Valerie chooses to remain living in her grandmother's house. She intends to wait for Peter, who, fully aware that he is cursed, retreats to the wilderness in order to learn how to control his power.
Henry, becomes a werewolf hunter and valerie's mother, after waiting for many years for her husband to returned finally accepted that he is dead.

A couple of years later, as Valerie picks some plants, she hears a sound. Looking up, she sees the Wolf, Peter now. She smiles as they reunite. The final shots are of Valerie in the red cloak walking on a snow-capped mountain with Peter.

***The movie does not scare me at all. I was looking forward for a horror movie that will scare me. But it was grim not a grimm movie.
**another star crossed-lovers and not meant to be together.
*But I guessed wrong, the movie did grip me in suspense and made me think on who might be the wolf. I thought the wolf would be Valerie ( I thought that she might be having a split personality) but as the movie fold on I was wrong. hehe.. so this is not a horror movie but a suspense movie.
*rate it 3/5

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