Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy to serve SM mall crew

I am very satisfied with the way the employees of SM in Harizon plaza and in Ayala, treat their customers. I was with my sister and my nephew, who has autism, was with us and we were looking for a pants and shirt that would suit him. When we are out and shopping, sometimes it would be a challenge for us, because if he saw some people who have gadgets that he likes he would grab them and some people to this day in our country are not aware that they should be more understanding with special children. There was this one time that he grabbed another child’s PSP and the mother glared at us as if we’re a thief! Big television networks should have some ads that would “educate” these types of people. And there was this other incident that He just dipped his hands in a ladies pocket (I think he saw her putting her phone there) and she looked surprised and annoyed at us. What I did with those incidents was apologized. But I am straying away with our topic ( I am just frustrated with other people who does not understand that they should be more patient and understanding with people who has this kind of thing). As I was saying we went to SM and what my nephew and I did was to sit on a bench and let my sister browse through the items and select what she seems suited for my nephew. What really warms my heart is that the sales ladies and sales man there would bring some items that we request and they did it smiling and accommodating. We end up buying one pair of pants and one pair of shirt and we are going to come back there again.

Happy to serve, indeed! J

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