Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PNOY has a new date

I don't know why but everytime that there's a news about the president's dating, it did not sit well with me! I think it's just so wrong to make it news worthy to the citizen. Who cares who's he dating now?!? We want to hear if he's doing a good job and what's our economy's status.

I know he's like us, a human who needs to enjoy life, but then again he is no ordinary being like us, he is the President of the Philippines, and besides he did say that as long as he is in the position he won't get married! Maybe he should date more discreetly? It's his personal life so would all the TV networks stop showing his dating stat to the public. I would rather watch the debate in the senate and the house debate/ deliberation (on RH bill) than listening to some crap about his dating.  


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