Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Is Lady Gaga going Gaga?!?

My nephew's a fan of MYX channel and his day is not complete if he didn't get to watch MYX Daily top 10. I was shocked when Lady Gaga's new song Judas was shown. After watching it, as a Roman Catholic it made me wonder what's going on Gaga's mind to do such music video?! As usual she's grinding in a bra and panty while dancing and she has a cross dangling on her boobs! And what’s worst is that one of the men (the one in the motorcycle where she hitch a ride on) has crown with thorns! Is she making the church mad at her?

I don’t have anything against her. I love some of her songs but I think she should think of her younger audience. The youngster would always imitate their idols and I think it’s not appropriate to do such thing that is almost blasphemous to the Christians.

If she wants to express herself through her song I think there are better ways to express it in her music videos. I think it would be more stunning if she shows her music prowess without getting the ire of the church.

or maybe she knows exactly what she's doing? Maybe she wants more attention from the public and does this kind of thing? Didn't she learned from her alejandro's Music video? The church criticize her that time, and what happened now? why do it again?

For whatever reasons why she did this video I hope that she would redo this music video without involving some religious figure that we have, and please don't include some religious things that would be blasphemous from the christians point of view.


  1. Seriously? This also made me wonder O_O

  2. I don't know much about this singer, but didn't she wear a pair of shoes that had a penis for the heel? I don't think she's too concerned about her younger audience. She's going for shock value.

    Makes me think of Madonna fifteen years ago.