Friday, May 20, 2011

sick :(

Yesterday my younger sis, cousin and I went to visit our cousin in a hotel/dorm where she is staying. She is doing her nursing duties affiliation in different hospitals here in NCR. We ate dinner outside and asked her how she is and how she's been doing, how's our other cousin in the province and so on. Then, suddenly... it rained! I've been wishing for rain here since I've always been ranting that it's too hot and can't stand the heat anymore. Well, it DID rain that night BUT I DON"T HAVE ANY UMBRELLA.
Luckily, my younger sister's BF had one and they let me borrowed my sister's umbrella but I have no idea how I got my head wet?!?

When we we're in HS, before going out we'll always be reminded to bring our umbrella just in case it would rain we would be ready. Now I am not used being reminded so I forgot to bring one :(

I don't know How I got sick..

It always started with an itchy I gargle with bactidol

But...then..I have a runny nose and kept on sneezing...

then now I am have a cough

Maybe the reasons why are:

changing of weather? too hot then cold atmosphere

"naambunan"? naulanan? hehe

so, I am here eating a hot soup, drinking meds and lots of water
Eventhough I have a cough, I urge myself to clean the house since our Aunt would be coming tomorrow (she's super "matikolosa", so I had to clean, clean, clean) I am sorry if I wasn't able to visit your blog and adgitize early today ... and for those I had missed sorry!

for now have to sleep, because (100% sure) I'll be dragged to the mall/s tomorrow by my aunt

signing off