Monday, September 12, 2011

Break a leg Shamcey!

Just a few more hours and we'll be able to watch Miss Universe 2011. Of course, I would be rooting for Miss Philippines to win the crown! :)

When I was young I was awed with all the contestant and thought that they sure all all dolled up and so pretty and it would be really cool if you would reign all over your competitors :) 

It's a professional brawl over beauty and brains and if you win hurrah for you and your country :)

Philippines have always been well represented and it sure bring such pride when you watch our own contestant strutting and answering questions with wit. What a major major goal for our country if we win the crown this year.

But what does it really mean for us if we do win? why watch it? we won't get anything from it or get paid. What really made me watch this pageant are:

1. cheer for our own
2. love to know/watch Q and A
3. I heard Lea Salonga is one of the Judges and I love her! I'm a fan!

but above all else just watch it.. and feel our Filipino Pride :) Let's just support our own. If we win then it would bring an honor for our country, it would boost our tourism and it would make people more curious in our country. And if we don't win it, it's ok! Having our own contestant there is enough and it's an honor already for being one of the contestant. 

To Miss Shamcey Supsup, Good luck! Hope you win tomorrow! :)

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