Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Being Single

I am comfortable of being single at the moment but weeks ago it made me think hard and ponder on things. It's all thanks to my younger sis! aggh!

Things that made me question my stat:

1. Was asked if I'm still carrying a torch for Mr. Ex? I'm so over him. It was eons years ago! Hello! OK. I can still -- think/s all the lovely things he did but I have trouble picturing his image on my mind.OK I admit that every time that I have suitors I would compare them to him [Hoping that he would go to the wet market for me -->> wet market totally gross me out. Have to scrub my feet because of the yucky goo I got from trekking from the aisles of buying wares from going to and fro stall to stall. He would be God fearing, the sweetest BF you have that would give you things you want and of course is totally deeply in love with moi].

2. I don't know what to feel that when I posted on my FB account my shout out was "I'm so happy today!" my sister and friends have a common comments on my stat that they are happy for me, Is it a new love life?, Do I have a boyfriend?

I don't know why people would assume that a MAN or having a BOYFRIEND would make me happy. Happiness does not revolve on just being in a relationship. I would love to have one but I still am looking for my other half.

I was happy because I have news that I'm going to have my own laptop this coming December! Yay! Typing on my old PC makes me so frustrated (so slow!) I know my fellow blogger would also be happy if they are in my shoes. Having your own laptop and not borrowing would be PURE BLISS! :)

3. Getting questions on when will I settle down? Every time I go home to our hometown old peepz would ask me when will I marry? There are some perks in growing up in a small hometown, you know everybody and know you won't be rob blindly at night BUT the downside of it is that -- Everybody also knows your business and tend to be a tad curious on what you are up to.

Did Mr. Right passed me by and I wasn't aware?

Maybe Mr. Right have knocked on my door but it's his loss! hahaha. I am not afraid if I'll be a spinster! It's OK. If I am fated to be one then so be it! No hard feelings :)

Stat: Complicated

OK. If I have to put a label on my stat on my current relationship now is that it is complicated! Well, He's abroad and I am not that too hopeful to have that kind of a relationship. Long distance relationship does not work! (that's what happened on my last rel) so I don't want to gamble and I am just a simple person that just go with the flow :)

I like him but that's just it! LIKE not LOVE. I want to fall in love. I'm a hopeless romantic! So, MR. X, If you're reading this you've got to stick to your guns and woo me! You must be doing it right because I like you..really really like you :)

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