Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shamcey may not have won the crown but she's still the winner for me

Miss Shamcey Supsup, the Filipino's bet for the Miss Universe 2011 was the 3rd runner-up winner! Congratulations, Shamcey! You made us all proud!

Some of our citizens were indignant that she should have been the winner or the 1st runner-up because she's the only one who did not need an interpreter during the Q and A. Thus, she answered the questions without having the luxury like her other contender to think a few seconds while their interpreter rely the question on their own tongue. While others think that Ms. Lea Salonga's question were asked a hundred of times already in beauty pageants. So, thought that Miss Angola's answering the question beautifully is not that tough.

We should just be happy about the result! We should stop thinking that it's not fair that we could have won the crown. Anyway it's done already and we can't really do nothing about it. Just let it go. Being a 3rd runner-up is an honor. :)

We should just be happy for Miss Angola. Her People must be jubilant about it. After she won I was curious where it is. I never heard about it. Angola is in Africa and we all know the situation in Africa. Winning the crown would boost her people's pride and maybe their economy..I think a lot of people were like me wondering where is Angola and made them curious of the people there. Congrats, Miss Angola for winning the crown! :)

Yes, the question might be a asked a thousand times but YOU were not the contestant, YOU were not the one on stage answering the question so just put a lid on it! I am satisfied with Miss Angola's answer and she did it beautifully.

Let's just be happy about the result and get over it. Miss Supsup is a winner! While waiting for the result I was happy that Miss Philippine is the only one who does not need an interpreter and that alone showed that we Filipino's are not only beautiful but also have brains. English as a second language is a feat already and answering a question without any hesitation shows that Filipino's can compete with other nationalities that use English as their primary language.

So, let's all just be satisfied with the result! :)

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  1. First off, that she is gorgeous....absolutely beautiful. I love the sound of this one though the romance seems a bit cloying. I'll have to add it to my TBR..Register Domain