Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Metallic Money

Do we really need credit card? I never felt the need to have one. I think having a credit card would just make me spend more than I have on my pocket so I never felt in to the urge and join the bandwagon.

That's why I never felt any sympathy to those who had some back credits and have debts up to their ears. I mean, how could they have spent so much money wherein they knew they can never afford in buying things in the first place? They should have save first then buy things they like or just use their credit card where they knew they can be able to afford to pay back in time and not let the interest piled up. cousin told me that a friend of hers is on a "hiding" mode because her creditors are knocking and are asking for her payments and those payments are the interest she failed to pay up and until now it would just go up. I think that both her and the creditors are at fault. The creditors should not add up the interest and should have known her limits (how much money she can afford to owe and how much she can pay) and she should have been responsible enough to pay her dues.

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