Wednesday, August 10, 2011

NO Heroes Welcome for Philippine Dragon Boat Federation

On the news last night, Senate and the Congress will investigate why the Philippine Sports Commission will not give incentive and Heroes welcome for the Pinoy paddlers  (Philippine Dragon Boat Federation) because they are not part of the national team.

I feel sad for them and annoyed that they brought glory for the country and their hard work was just dismissed just because they are not part of the national team! For me, even though they are not part of the national team or even if they are not given incentives then as Filipino's who played and won medals and made other countries praising them for winning, then I think we should have given them a Hero's Welcome. I think all they want is for the whole nation to acknowledge them as a good team and a team that would carry our flag and win games under our flag.

It's sad that Philippine Sports Commission is underfunded and were not able to fund our players and so are not able to be trained on their full potential which always make us not win a gold medal during the Olympics.

I for one would like to see a Filipino winning a gold/silver/bronze and bringing it to our homeland would bring honor to our nation. I would even cheer for them. Why can't we give this team an honor of acknowledging their win on that race?

We cheered for the Azkals but majority of the team are not even Filipino! I think the Pinoy Paddlers ( Philippine Dragon Boat Federation) deserve more of our cheers than them.

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