Thursday, August 11, 2011

Well-wishes, jeers for ailing GMA

MANILA, Philippines – Netizens took to social networking site Facebook and microblogging site Twitter to express their reactions to former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's health condition.

Arroyo was scheduled to undergo revision surgery Wednesday morning at St. Luke’s Medical Center Taguig after the implant placed in her spine was dislodged.

However, the surgery was held off after doctors found an infection.
The news elicited mixed reactions on the Internet.

On Twitter, user weegkid tweeted: “Please pray for GMA...unsuccessful surgery daw...kawawa naman.”

Twitter user welmans14 said, “Hindi natin maalis sa isipan na baka binabalikan na siya sa mga nagawa niyang hindi mabuti. Pero tao pa rin siya, ipagdasal na lang natin.”

On Facebook, Romano Lara said, “It's the bad deeds that we're after, not her. We should be hoping for Mrs. Arroyo's speedy recovery and safety.”

Glen Tubosa Fulgencio said: Pagaling po agad siya. Para matiwasay at malakas siyang sasagot sa mga akusasyong ibinibintang sa kanya.Delaying tactics?

However, while some showed compassion for the former President, others expressed dismay over the news that Arroyo would need to spend more time in the hospital.

Paris Imshi on Facebook said: “Delaying tactics lang yan para makalimutan ang totoong issue ng kanyang corruption. We must stay vigilant and pursue justice.”

User trshsnvctrs tweeted: “Do you believe the whole GMA's operation wasn't successful drama?! What's next, it can't be done in the Phils and she has to fly abroad?!”

User rhod_reyes tweeted: “Very timing naman ang infection ni GMA. Sana lang hindi nagpapagamit ang mga doctors kay Arroyo para makaiwas sa investigation.”

“Ok lang as long as hindi siya makakalabas ng bansa. After operation, she has to face all the charges against her,” tweeted deLO1022.

It was former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo who first broke the news that her wife’s surgery was unsuccessful.

"It was not successful. When they opened it, they saw there was an infection so she will rest for 3 weeks then they will operate on her again," he said.
Arroyo’s attending physician Dr. Juliet Cervantes said the infection would have to be treated before she can undergo another surgery.

According to Cervantes, Arroyo’s vital signs are normal, and she will be transferred to the Coronary Care Unit for continued monitoring. She is able to move, but she needs to wear a neck brace.
Meanwhile, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima confirmed Wednesday the issuance of a watch-list order against the former president.

De Lima said the watch-list order stays despite Arroyo’s condition.

"Pangit naman kasi na i-uurong ko na muna, then reissue that [later]. At this point, I'm not inclined to do that. Yang pagbalik niya sa hospital, that's just temporary, I think. And anytime, pwede naman siyang makalabas na rin ng hospital," de Lima said.


We should pray for her recovery. Yes, she did bad deeds but she is still a human being so let's pray for her recovery. It's not a delaying tactic people. Her operation is on the cervical so it's a risky operation. And really, before doing an operation all must be in good condition so if there's an infection then it must be treated first. If not, if you go on with the operation then we won't have a 100 % successful operation and MOST hospital wont risk it. We are talking about a life here. Heath care practitioners doest not look on people whether they are a good or bad person in life. WE SAVE LIVES. So, we are PRO-Life.

Let's just pray for her and if she recovers from this then she can answer all our queries.

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