Thursday, August 11, 2011

Safe Heathcare in the PHI

I was browsing through a forum and one caught my attention.

There was this pregnant woman and was afraid that she might have blood transfusion and have CS on her delivery date when she was told by her doctor that she might be having those. What irked me was when she was asking for an advise on the members because she's afraid to have CS and have BT transfusion because she does not trust health care practitioner here in the Philippines.

It really made my blood boil. WE HAVE GOOD HEALTH CARE PRACTITIONERS IN THE PHILIPPINES!!! Gawd! Yes, we don't have the up to date technologies like what our western brethren have but we don't have materials that we used to have eons ago! Our doctors and nurses are well trained and yes, it's true that you might be under a "trainee's" hand but our seniors and instructors are around.

It's safe to have BT and CS here for Christ sake!

BT, she said she's afraid to have one because she read somewhere that one got a HIV due to BT. Well, for those who had BT during the 70's yes they might have got one BUT now we screen does who donated their blood and we also do cross checking before giving the blood transfusion.

CS, again, don't be afraid to have CS. We have trained doctors to do that. I don't know..maybe for all we know she's from a far flung town BUT she has access to the Internet so I doubt it. Public hospitals are OK. The doctors are well trained since they got several cases thrown on their way day to day so they are more experience than those in the private hospital.

She might be scared because there are news on TV but then again don't believe anything you see on TV. News tend to sensationalize and hence make a news too exaggerated than what really happened.

For mothers out there. I know that giving birth would scared you but please trust your health care practitioners in your areas. We don't live in the middle era anymore so we don't use crude materials. WE are OK, not too modern like what you see on TV series (How we wish that we have that too but they are way too expensive and most hospitals can't afford that. The only hospitals that have that kind of equipments are St. Lukes, Makati med, Medical City and those hospitals are way too expensive for an average citizen). We have equipments and they are maybe what the Americans were using 5-10 years ago but then again it helps lives, right? that's all that matters. We can't be abreast with what modern hospitals in the US are using but we have good doctors to help you and for me that all that matters.

So, please -- have faith! We do what we can do -- Saving lives and all we ask is for you to trust us :)

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