Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hi, Everyone!!!! sorrrryy! I was not able to write for a few months because I was banned from using my sister's laptop. So, I have to wait for December to have my very own laptop. ^___^

So, I would like to thank my brother in law, Mr. Rod Bulaong, for being kind and thoughtful, for giving me such a wonderful gift! I'm in bliss for having this one! So, thank you! Thank you!!! You have no idea that being a blogger, it's really a must to have their own PC or lappy or a netbook. It just give us much more ease in typing our piece ;)

Friends, I'm baaaack!!! hehe

I'll be able to blog again and blog walk and just blog, blog, blog! Miss you much! mwaaah!

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